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Weldon’s Big Mistake (Part 3 of 3 Parts), Post #266

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BIG APOLOGY for missing my post date on the twenty-third, but I had an excuse. I fell and hit my head, so I was confined to the hospital. Have recovered, but am reminded of my mortality. As a result, this will be my last post.


Let me say that again. THIS WILL BE MY LAST POST.

 Last time, Rick Speare had shown up to ease Weldon’s estrangement from his BFF and secret crush, Jaime Jiron. They were quite different in appearance and nature, but Weldon was coping. Let’s see what happens.

* * * *


 I didn’t exactly transfer my allegiance to Rick… that wasn’t what he was after. He just wanted what he wanted when he wanted where he wanted. And there was enough of that, at least for me. Even though my thoughts remained with Jaime, it was Rick who gave me what I finally realized I wanted. He wasn’t respectful about it, tended to diss me, but when he applied his sexual skills, I forgot all about the disdain. On balance, the rewards were worth the pettiness.

One Friday afternoon, he caught me coming off the field and led me to what was becoming “our place,” deep in the trees at the park. Of course, I knew what he intended, and privately admitted I wanted it, as well.

As soon as we arrived, a kid named Marcus pushed off from a tree trunk he was resting against and flashed a grin. “Hi, guys. About gave you up.”

Immediately, I was caught between two emotions. The fact Rick had invited him to participate was obvious, which alarmed me. But this kid was delicious, and that brought another kind of feeling. Marcus was dark, but Mediterranean dark, not Hispanic dark. Nonetheless he instantly reminded me of Jaime. Black, curly hair spilled over his forehead, and his smile devastated anyone within twenty feet.

“What… what’s this, Rick?” I stuttered.

“Told Marcus how good you were, and he wanted to see for himself.”

“Without asking me?”

“Why ask you?” The question came in all innocence. This guy wasn’t exactly Mr. Sensitive.

“Because it’s me you’re volunteering,” I snapped.

Marcus’ face fell. “You got a problem with me being here?”

He looked good even when disappointed.

“Not the point. He didn’t ask me. Hell, he didn’t even tell me.”

“So I’m telling you,” Rick said, stepping up behind me and butting me with his groin.

Before I knew it, I was on all fours, my sweats down around my knees with Rick grunting at my back door.

“Go… on,” he mumbled. “Take care of… uh, my friend.”

“That’s okay,” Marcus said, starting to back away.

Spurred by his threatened retreat, I clasped his long, strong thighs and pulled him forward. “’S okay,” I mumbled his crotch in my face, “You’re here, might as well join in.”

I tugged down his trousers and almost rued my words. This guy might be built thin, but he made up for lost weight by what he stored in his pants. And it was growing by the second. I even heard a gasp from Rick who was busy at my backside. Marcus squatted on his heels when Rick pushed me flat of my belly atop his jacket, and they both had at me. Not unpleasantly, either. Rick made it first, which carried me along with him, while the hunky new kid threw himself at my mouth. Seemed he took forever to start and then forgot to stop. This guy really came.

After that, we sort of fell into a pattern. Marcus came back for more, which pleased me. Not only did he perform well, he was pleasant to look at and reminded me of Jaime. We seldom did a threesome again, but I saw both of them often enough to keep me sated.


One day near the end of school, I came home to find Jaime sitting, arms folded across his chest, on the edge of the front porch. He was obviously waiting for me, which gave my heart a wrench.

“Hi,” I said uncertainly.


An awkward silence for a moment.

“Surprised to see you,” I said, breaking it.

“Yeah. I know. Look, Weldon… I, uh, I dunno how to say this except straight out. You’re getting a rep around school, and just thought you oughta know.”


“Yeah. Rick Speare’s been talking trash about you. D-dunno if it’s true or not, but he’s blabbing.” He shrugged and said it again. “Just thought you oughta know.”

“What about Marcus?”

He glanced at me sharply. “What about Marcus?”

My cheeks burned, and I couldn’t meet his gaze. “Never mind.”

His mouth dropped open. “Marcus too?”

I went scarlet then. “Rick started it. Right… right after I opened my big mouth to you. Matter of fact that’s how he came at me. Guessed Jaime wasn’t screwing me anymore, so thought he’d pick up the slack.”

It was his time to flush. “I wasn’t….”

“Yeah. Told him that never happened.”

“But he didn’t believe you,” Jaime said.

I shook my head. “Nope. Anyway, that’s how he got to me.”

“And Marcus?”

I shrugged, ashamed to say he’d been invited along. “Just happened. It was….” I clamped my mouth shut.

“It was what?”

I studied his beautiful, brown eyes and decided to answer honestly. “As close as I could get to the real thing… you.”

He dropped his eyes and studied his hands clasped in front of him. Silence reigned for a full minute before he spoke.

“I considered coming back and… you know, offering to try it with you.”

I licked dry lips. “Still can.”

He met my gaze, and I almost went giddy. Then he slowly shook his head.

“No. I really considered it seriously. Even tried… you know, doing it to myself thinking about you. Didn’t work. And I’d feel even worse if I tried with you and failed. The only thing I can offer is an apology for treating you the way I did and try to get my friend back. But not if he expects… you know.”

“Jaime, I’ll take you as a friend any way I can get you. I’ve had a hole in my heart ever since that day.”

“Let’s fix that. How about we pitch the ball some?”

“Can make you drop it.”

“You haven’t so far.” The grin melting my heart died. “I guess it’s okay to keep seeing Marcus. He seems like an okay guy. But Rick?”

“He’s history,” I said.

We burned gloves for an hour, and it seemed like we’d recaptured what we’d lost… almost. Something had changed, but we’d reestablished our friendship as best we could. There was just the shadow of another slender, dark-headed Adonis in the background. Of course, there was the shade of a dark-haired Maria over his shoulder, as well. All a part of growing up, I finally decided.


How appropriate that my last post ends up with both disappointment and acceptance, because after over ten years of faithfully posting to a blog, the decision to quit brought both a sense of emptiness and relief.

Farewell, readers, I will miss you. The site will be left up so that future readers can read any of the stories they wish. But nothing new is coming.

 Again, thank you for reading.

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 Alas… no more posts.

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