a short story
by Mark Wildyr

The day Todd Joe enrolled at Quannah Heights High, Victor Charles ceased to be sole object of the school’s scorn and ridicule. Todd was an unlikely candidate for a loser. Tall, handsome, and build like an athlete with moves like a tiger, he was the ideal teenager…except that he was Oriental. In all white, uptight Quannah Heights, that was an Exception with a capital E!
Whereas the Joe boy was a new loser, Vic Charles’s relationship with his peers had started deteriorating when he was a kid. Before Vic even had cock hair, the teenager next door cajoled him into touching his thing. By the end of that same summer, he was sucking the guy regularly. A tad sissified, Vic was last to be chosen for a team, never got invited to parties, and looked around one day to discover he had no friends. Things were hard until he learned how to be a loner.
He thought his nightmare had ended when he became the Raider’s water boy his freshman year. He was gonna be a regular guy. The very first day, the quarterback waved him over and Vic gobbled the Saturday night hero. Soon the team’s center came to be serviced. When the third jock wanted to fuck him, Vic realized he was not and never would be “in.”
Over the next three years, he read voraciously, worked hard at his job in a feed store, and earned the best marks in school. He always rebuffed QH kids who came on the sly for a little hanky-panky.
Todd Joe was one of the new kids from a small military component the town had landed. The unit was a mystery to the locals whose only concern was its economic impact on the community. There had been some worry about bringing in the “wrong element,” but the optimists—ergo the merchants who stood to gain the most—reasoned those people would go to a colored town a few miles to the west. No one reckoned on Sergeant First Class Clifford Joe and his wife, Mioshi, who settled in Quannah Heights and enrolled their son in high school.
Vic watched Todd’s struggle with interest. It was obvious the Joe kid was used to belonging by virtue of his looks and personality. Not at QHHS. Vic was puzzled at how badly the boy handled the situation. The guy was a Jap, wasn’t he? Even worse…half Jap. A healthy serving of prejudice should have been on his daily menu.
Although a lifetime of unpleasant experiences with good-looking boys fostered a deep distrust of the breed, Vic was drawn to Todd Joe even though Todd was handsome…in the extreme. His American father’s genes formed his structure…tall. His Japanese mother’s dictated his physique…slender with willowy muscles. She also gave him her skin color and a fine-boned face that was best described as beautiful, especially the coal black eyes. Cautiously, Vic began sitting at the same cafeteria table, running laps on the track with the boy, anything to gain proximity.
The break in their budding relationship came when Todd started having trouble in Advanced Geometry. Vic, a certified brain, offered to help. That same afternoon, they went over the basics in Todd’s bedroom in the small, neat Joe residence. The next time Vic tutored, they went to his house where Todd smothered his mother’s Southwestern prejudices beneath a heavy blanket of charm.
Although both boys worked after school, they found time to share enough shakes and cokes that Vic began to harbor hopes of a real friendship. Then they had “The Conversation.”
“Is it true what they say about you?”
Stunned, Vic struck back. “Is it true what they say about you?”
“Me?” Todd’s eyebrows shot up. “What do they say about me?”
“That you’re Oriental!” Vic blurted.
After a moment, they both burst into laughter.
“Guilty. Well, partly,” Todd said. “How about you? You know, about what they say.”
“Guilty,” Vic confessed.
Todd sobered. “You’re qu…uh…”
“Queer? I like guys, so I guess I’m queer. Some guys,” he amended.
“You ever…do things with them?”
Vic sighed. If this ended a friendship, it wasn’t really a friendship. “Yeah, a few times.”
“Shit,” Todd mumbled. “I didn’t believe it when they told me.”
“It’s okay. We don’t have to pal around anymore.”
“Hey!” Todd said. “You prejudiced against Amerasians?” That brought another laugh. “I don’t give a crap about that other stuff. Just don’t try it on me.”
“Wouldn’t dare,” Vic answered, a little giddy the moment had been survived. “The other kids’re not gonna like us being friends.”
“What they gonna do?” Todd’s voice dripped with sarcasm. “Cut me out of their club? Stop inviting me to parties? You’re okay, Vic. I hang with who I want to.”
All his life Victor Charles had longed to hear those words, yet he was unable to accept them at face value. Over the next month he tested his new friend in a dozen ways. Eventually someone made the inevitable snide remark about asshole buddies. The next day the guy showed up with a shiner.
Vic dreaded the approaching Christmas holidays because the Joe family planned on visiting relatives in California, and Vic was irrationally afraid things would be different when they got back. The holiday season held some magic, however. Vic stopped at Todd’s house one day when Mrs. Joe had gone shopping, leaving them alone in the house. Todd often engaged in a little playful roughhousing, and that day Vic lashed back when one of his friend’s punches connected too solidly. Todd easily batted his roundhouse away.
“Man, you swing like a girl.”
“No shit!”
“Stand up straight! Okay, now crouch down a little. Put your arms up like this.” Todd demonstrated, and Vic went weak as the other boy’s biceps rolled. “Yeah, that’s the way. Elbows in to protect your ribs. Now dance.” Todd collapsed with laughter as Vic did a ballet step. “Be serious, man.”
As they worked, Vic began to grasp the basics and more importantly, came to understand that a little pain was a normal, endurable part of the physical world. Besides, the body contact with Todd was worth a few sore muscles. They had three boxing bouts before the Joe family left for California, but it was the wrestling session that Vic truly prized. Todd threw him quickly, but he didn’t mind because Todd ended up lying on top of him. Todd wasn’t fooled, but he didn’t let it bother him, either. The last time they lay belly to belly, Todd asked if he really liked that.
“Like what?”
“Feeling me up against you?”
Vic swallowed hard, certain the friendship was over. “Yeah.”
“Hey, man, it’s okay. Make you a deal. You can feel me sometimes if you don’t put the moves on me. But don’t tell anybody. I’m not gay, you know.”
Alarm bells went off in Vic’s head. Those were the words half a dozen kids had used only to betray him later. “Can I really touch you?”
“You mean down there?” Todd asked with a momentary frown. “Yeah, I can handle that.” He rolled off Vic and lay back on his elbows.
Vic stared at the other boy’s long frame.
Todd laughed. “You can look anytime you want, but ask before you touch so I don’t lay you out. You know, from a surprise reaction or something.”
Todd’s hard pecs sent a shiver down Vic’s spine. The flat belly turned his knees weak, and the warm flesh at Todd’s groin set his hands to shaking. “You’re hard!” he exclaimed. Todd denied it. “Man, how big is it hard?”
Todd snickered. “Dunno. Never measured it. Big enough to do the job. Used to do it to this girl, Ursula, when we were stationed in Germany. You?” Vic shook his head. “Why not? Don’t you want to?”
“Not particularly.”
“Man, you oughta try it. It’d drive that other shit right outa your head.”
“Don’t think so.” Vic rubbed Todd’s cock. He shifted to ease the pressure on his own stiff penis. Todd noticed.
“You got a bone on? Let me see. You do! How come?”
“Because you’re letting me touch you.” Vic blushed.
“That gets you hard?”
“If you rubbed a girl down there, wouldn’t you get hard? Well, this is like that for me.”
“Be damned!” Todd got to his feet. “Maybe you can do it again sometime. But you got it straight, don’t you? I’m not queer. Just helping out a buddy.”
When the Joes left the next day for a week, Vic was there to see them off, his fear that things would change when Todd returned firmly like a weight on his chest. In his experience, good things like this didn’t last long. Already missing his friend terribly, he masturbated to a spectacular orgasm that night while he relived his small intimacy with Todd Joe.
Vic was at work the day the Joes returned. Todd came to the feed store at the end of his shift, and they sparred for a minute out of pure joy. Todd was glad to see him! This handsome, hunky stud was actually glad to see him.
“Getting better,” Todd said as Vic bobbed, hands cocked, elbows in, chin down. “Tossing around feed sacks is putting some muscle on you. I’d have trouble taking you.” It was a crock, but it made Vic feel good.
They cruised Main Street in Todd’s pickup bringing one another up to date. At the south end of Main, Vic finally found the courage. “You…you said I oughta ask…”
Grinning, Todd found a place to park. Being permitted the familiarity was as exciting as the actual touching. Vic ran his hand down his friend’s belly until he felt the shape of the boy’s balls. Todd tolerated him for five minutes or so before asking if Vic had a bone again.
“Yep.” Vic opened his legs. Todd stare was a turn-on. “You wanta touch it?”
“Naw. Well, maybe once to see how it feels.” The boy’s hand closed over his erection; Vic almost swooned. ‘Man, you’re hard as a rock!”
“You do that to me,” Vic said, wondering if the words were a mistake.
“Great! The only one who gets excited over my bod is my best friend.”
When school resumed after vacation, Marcy Garson, Quannah Heights’ Miss Lily White American Teen Snob showed a little interest in Todd. Of course, he ate it up. He talked about her incessantly, and when she finally agreed to have a coke together in public, Vic knew Todd was in seventh heaven. The next month was agony. As Todd became increasingly wrapped up in Marcy, Vic grew more fearful.
“I really like her,” Todd confessed one day. “I mean, I really like her.”
Suspicious of the Snit Queen’s motives, Vic asked. “How does she feel about you?”
“Dunno yet. I keep asking her out, but she puts me off.”
“There you go then. If she liked you, she’d go out with you.” The words came out a little more viciously than intended. Vic tried to soften them. “Wouldn’t she?”
“You’d think so, but she likes me. I know she does. She’s just working around to the idea, you know.”
“Yeah, maybe that’s it.”
There was one consolation. He got to touch Todd more often, especially after his friend had spent time with Marcy. Todd always had an erection after sniffing around her. Vic was amazed at the size of his cock. He’d always heard Orientals didn’t carry much equipment. Todd must’ve inherited his dong from his father.
The first time Marcy actually went on a date with Todd, Vic recognized things were turning serious. Todd had worked his charm, and the girl was finding out just how attractive he was, not only physically, but also as a person. After a while, Vic realized Todd was gradually cutting him out of his life. Doubtless, Marcy was telling him to drop the faggot. To Todd’s credit, he tried to balance things, but he slowly caved in to her pressure. Vic was alone again, and it hurt worse this time because he’d had a taste of a real friendship.
The next time he ran into Todd, the only thing the guy could talk about was his date and how great it went. “I think I love her.”
“You fuck her yet?” Vic was deliberately crude.
“No!” Todd turned on him. “How can you ask me that? Anyway, that’s a personal question.”
“But you make out, don’t you?” Vic’s jealousy was taking over. He was being shut out. That Snow Bitch, Marcy Garson, was cutting him out.
After that awkward conversation, Todd stopped coming around. Vic continued to blame Marcy for the whole thing. Fuck them! Fuck them all! He got along fine before he even knew Todd Joe existed, and he’d be okay now.
The drive-in movie was more of a make-out place than a theater, but it was the only place showing an old black-and-white film about Madame Curie and her husband discovering radium. As he parked his jalopy at the back, Vic spotted Marcy’s Buick a couple of rows ahead of him. The sight of Todd’s long-muscled arm protruding from the driver’s side window brought a sudden stab of longing. Shit! As soon as the lights went off, Todd’s arm disappeared. Making out with Marcy, no doubt.
While the coming attractions were playing, a convertible pulled in next to the Buick. It was Marcy’s brother, Hank, and a carload of his buddies. Todd hung out the window talking and laughing with the other car like he was one of them. Like he finally belonged.
Vic swiped his eyes a couple of times and then glued them to the screen determined not to wallow in self-pity. That more or less worked until a commotion pulled his attention back to the two cars. Hank’s convertible tore off the earthen berm, banging its undercarriage. Marcy’s Buick followed at a more sedate pace. Curious, Vic exited the theater in time to see both cars turn east into Riverside Park.
When Vic cut his lights and drifted to a stop in a stand of trees, he heard a lot of shouting. He got out and approached the others on foot. Hank and two of his buddies had faced off against Todd. Marcy stood at his side. A fourth boy leaned against the convertible. Suddenly Hank’s two backups stepped away, and Todd warded off half a dozen blows from the blond boy, who outweighed him by thirty pounds. Vic slipped unnoticed to the edge of the group.
“Fucking Jap coward!” Hank shouted. “Won’t even fight me!”
“Don’t need to,” Todd answered easily. “You the one’s mad, not me. Marcy and I were mining our own business.”
“Putting your yellow Nip hands down her blouse ain’t your business, you dirty slant-eye!” Hank followed his insults with a flurry of jabs, one of which rocked Todd.
The tall, slender boy shook his head, gave a smile that could only be described as nasty, and began to fight. Within minutes, Hank sat on his butt in the dirt. One of the other jocks grabbed Todd who quickly slung his assailant across the clearing. When another boy moved, Vic flew at him without thinking. His opponent, a big kid named Jimmy Lou Festerman, was enraged that the town queer had dared touch him.
Jimmy Lou got a surprise that night, as did the town queer. Try as he might, Jimmy Lou never managed to put Vic down. Vic didn’t get the best of the bigger boy, but neither did the jock whip the faggot. Vic absorbed a rain of heavy blows on his arms and shoulders but still managed to pop his opponent a good one on his right eye. After that, Jimmy Lou spent so much energy trying to protect his wound that Vic got through to the solar plexus. Right then somebody yelled “Cops,” and everyone separated.
“You’re horrible!” Marcy screamed. “If you’ve hurt my brother, you’ll be sorry!”
Todd’s eyes opened in amazement. He wiped away a trickle of blood at the corner of his mouth. “Hell, he started it!”
Ignoring his protest, she ran to the Buick.
“But Marcy!” Todd followed her. “I love you! You said….” His voice died away as the two cars roared out of the park and down the highway.
Then there was dead silence with no sign of the police.
Todd dropped to his knees, his hands clasped between his legs. His head sagged to his chest. After a moment, he asked quietly. “Where the hell did you come from?”
Vic resorted to his usual method of handling adversity, smartass talk. “I was at the drive-in. Figured there might be some nefarious deeds going down, so I followed.”
“Nefarious deeds? Lucky for me you did.” Todd said listlessly. Then he looked up with a grin, grimacing as he tore open a split lip. “You realize what you did, man? You fought Jimmy Lou to a standstill. Standstill, hell! You blacked the fucker’s eye. Don’t see a mark on you.”
“You will tomorrow when I turn black and blue. Guess you need a ride.” Neither of them spoke on the way home. The Joe house was dark when they arrived.
“Mom and dad are at the base for some kinda shindig,” Todd said.
“Need to talk?” Vic picked up the cue.
Todd nodded. “I don’t get it. Hank knew I’ve been going with Marcy. What did he think we did?”
“Knowing you’re making out with his sister and seeing it’s two different things. Besides, I figure it’s been eating at him. No offense, but his idea of heaven isn’t having a Japanese gentleman spark his sister.” Smartass again. He wished he could take the words back.
“Not likely,” Todd agreed wryly. A pause. “I meant it, you know.”
“Meant what?”
“What I said. I love her. Never loved a girl before. She’s different when we’re alone, Vic.” He shrugged. “She just gets…that way when her family’s around.”
“Or her friends.” Vic ventured a guess.
“A little, but not so much anymore. That’s why I figured she’d come around in time.”
Vic had to make sure that little green worm of jealousy didn’t goad him into recklessness. “You gotta ask yourself which is the real Marcy. The one who’s great company when she’s alone with you. Or the one that’s around the other eighty percent of the time.”
Todd avoided the question by changing the subject. “You’re still dropping your right hand. Come inside and let me show you.”
Todd changed into gym shorts and a muscle shirt cut off at the midriff. Ten minutes later, Vic understood the mistake he had made with Jimmy Lou and had a stance that satisfied Todd. Only then did they sit on the mat to drink cold Dr. Peppers.
“Something I don’t understand,” Vic ventured. “You act like this racial bigotry shit is new. Hell, man, don’t you know you’re Asian?” He wasn’t trying for smartass that time, but that’s the way it came out.
“Hey, I’m American, too. But I know what you mean. We’ve been overseas for the last six years. Before that, I went to school on base. Guess I forgot how it was in White America. How come you’re not prejudiced?”
“I know what it is to be on the butt end.” Vic’s eyes fixed on Todd’s naked stomach.
“Yeah, I guess you do.” There was a long pause. “You wanta touch me?” Unable to speak, Vic nodded. Todd lay flat on the mat, hands behind his head. “Okay.”
Vic traced the curve of Todd’s broad chest and flat, hairless belly. Touching Todd’s big cock through the thin shorts was almost the same as feeling it in the flesh. Todd spread his legs; his cock moved. Vic fingered the underside of the glans. The monster began to crawl up Todd’s belly. Shivering, Vic ran his hand up and down the length, stroking it. When the tip poked out beneath the low-riding shorts, Vic risked censure and fingered the naked flesh.
Emboldened, he slid beneath the shorts and took a firm hold on Todd’s engorged manhood. He pumped the shaft, sliding the foreskin up and down. When Todd lifted his hips; Vic slipped his shorts down and stared in amazement. The cock was smooth and straight with a shining glans. Vic pumped the big organ. He leaned forward, his mouth open.
“No!” Todd said sharply.
Vic resumed his stroking. Looking fascinated, Todd watched himself being masturbated. Vic maintained a steady beat and soon the body beneath his hands tensed. Todd’s mouth opened slightly; his eyes closed. Silently, he came, spurting thick, white cum over both of them.
Vic lay beside the other boy’s inert body and ripped open his trousers. Todd leaned on his elbow and watched his friend jerk off. Vic clutched Todd’s naked thigh as he climaxed. It was wonderful. Magnificent. But he held his tongue. Understanding that Todd was embarrassed, he left shortly thereafter.
Vic bided his time while Todd tried to repair his relationship with Marcy. His friend’s campaign wasn’t helped when Hank Garson turned up Monday with a patch on his left cheek and a swollen nose. Vic watched as his friend was rebuffed time and time again. His hopes began to rise until one day he saw Todd get into the car with Marcy. His heart fell into his shoes as the vehicle roared out of the parking lot. Maybe Todd’s charm and charisma were working miracles.
He was surprised when Todd looked him up the next day and asked him to a movie. On the way home Todd pulled off the road and gave vent to his frustration, first proclaiming his love and then cursing the girl as spineless.
“It’s over!” he blurted. “She loves me, Vic. I know she does, but she’s not strong enough to stand up to them…her family. They’re prejudiced bigots. All of them. They ruined it for us. She ended it last night.”
Todd broke down then, spilling huge tears, purging his hurt, his despair, his anguish. He didn’t resist when Vic pulled him into his arms and cooed like a mother comforting a child. Gradually, the deep, wrenching sobs subsided.
From the shelter of Vic’s arms, the devastated boy spoke in a mumble. “Not much of a man, am I? Bawling like a fucking baby.”
“Shut up with that kinda talk. She hurt you man! Telling you one thing, doing another. Get to anybody!”
Surprisingly, Todd didn’t move. After a moment, he took Vic’s hand and placed it over his groin. Vic fingered Todd’s big staff through his jeans until the Joe boy took a deep breath and straightened up in the seat.
“Thanks, bro. Thanks for being here for me.”
“That’s what friends are for,” Vic said through a thick throat.
“I haven’t been much of one lately.”
“Aw, you had other things to do.”
“No more. I’ll remember who’s a friend and who’s not. That’s a promise.” Todd fired up the motor.
“What are you going to do about Marcy?” Why couldn’t he leave well enough alone?
“Nothing. She’s…” Todd’s voice broke. He cleared his throat and tried again. “She’s toast.”
That night, Vic jerked off. Was Todd dong the same thing?
Vic absolutely refused to go to the spring prom so Todd went on his own. Vic figured his friend was trying to show the rest of the school that life went on with or without the Snit Queen. The first thing he heard on campus the next day was how Beverly Sloane had slapped Todd Joe at the prom when he made an indecent proposal.
Todd didn’t show up for school that day, so Vic went looking after his last class. He found him in the makeshift gym in the Joe’s garage. Todd halted a vicious assault on a punching bag long enough to growl a surly hello. Vic sat on the mat with his back against the wall until his friend ended his workout with a salvo of angry punches.
“Missed you at school today,” Vic said as Todd flopped across from him.
“Sick. Hangover. Got soused after the party last night. Old man’s pissed as hell at me. Mom, too. Shit, think I’ll give up and enlist in the Air Force.”
“Good idea. After you graduate.”
“Aw, shut up! I got enough people on my back without you joining in. You come over for your weekly grope?”
That hurt, but he let it go. “Thought you might need company.”
“Why? What’d Beverly tell everybody?”
“That you made an indecent proposition.”
“Shit! Danced with her half a dozen times and asked if I could take her home and get a kiss. That’s all!”
“She set you up, man. She’s Marcy’s best friend and a vicious cunt. By not showing up today, you practically admitted what she said was true. Liable to really be a fight when you go back tomorrow.”
“What makes you think I’m going back tomorrow?”
Vic enumerated on his fingers. “Sergeant First Class Clifford Joe, Mrs. Sergeant First Class Clifford Joe, Victor Charles, but mostly Todd Joe. He’s not a quitter.”
“I’m wearing a big loser’s tag, so might as well be one.”
“Thinking it ain’t making it. Unless you give up and prove they’re right.”
“All right, I’ll go back to school tomorrow.” Todd tried a smile, but it didn’t come off. “So long as my backup’s there.”
“I’ll be there. Scared shitless, but ready.”
“Hey, man, I’m sorry about that crack. You want to feel, it’s okay.”
Vic grinned. “No, thanks. All that sweat might turn me on too much. See you tomorrow.”
The incident died a painless death. There was no fight, and no reaction from the school administration. As the school year drew to a close, Vic got a modicum of satisfaction when he beat out Marcy Garson for class valedictorian, making her the loser for a change. A couple of days after graduation he sat in the park with Todd pulling on brews filched from Sgt. Joe’s refrigerator.
“So what are you gonna do this summer?” Todd asked as if they hadn’t discussed this a hundred times.
“Work full time at the feed store and save all I can for college. Gonna take a week off and go camping up at Big Beaver Falls.”
“Can we go next week?”
“Next week? Man, it’s still May. I’d freeze my butt off.” Vic stopped and looked at his friend. “We? You wanta go with me?”
Todd smiled.
“Man, bring a warm sleeping bag,” Vic said. “Nights get brutal up there.”
“You forget, I’m an inscrutable Oriental who thrives on adversity and overcoming harsh natural elements.”
“Yeah, tell me that when you’re pissing icicles.”
Saturday afternoon they drove Todd’s truck to the small mountain range harboring Big Beaver Falls and hiked to a decent camping area. After raising a tent and building a campfire, they ate hamburgers brought from town, munching in comfortable silence until Vic broke it.
“Are you over Marcy now?”
The taller boy was silent for a long time. “Naw. I’ve still got a big burning hole where my gut used to be. When I see her at school, it’s all I can do to keep from falling down and begging her to take me back.”
“But you don’t.”
“No. Got too much pride, I guess.” Todd gave a bitter laugh. “Pride or not, I’d probably do it if I thought it would do any good.” The boy scratched in the dirt. “How can anybody be so damned prejudiced they’d throw away something good because of it?”
“Folks been doing it forever. Always will, probably.”
At length Todd looked at Vic. “You know the only time that burning gut goes away? When I’m with you.”
Vic swallowed around a lump in his throat, but he held his tongue. Hell, he didn’t know what to say.
“How’d you get started anyway…you know, with the guy thing?”
Vic told him about the neighbor boy and the others.
“I can sorta understand getting sucked,” Todd said slowly. “But doing it to another guy? I don’t get that. Do you like it?”
Vic took his time answering. “It’s not like I wanted to go down on those guys. It’s more like I wanted to do something for them. I know, sounds dumb. It was dumb.”
“And with me?”
Vic recognized dangerous ground, but had no way to answer except with the truth. “You’re different. You’re my friend, and I feel close to you.  You’re handsome and exciting—”
“Exciting? I’m as dull as ten-year-old paint.”
“Not to me. You’re exciting to me like…well, like Marcy was…is to you. I wanted us to be close. And doing that’s as close as I can get.”
Todd rose and stretched. “I felt close to you. You know, out in the garage.” He turned and entered the tent. Vic carefully doused the fire before he followed. The Joe boy was standing in his briefs. “Does it really get cold up here?”
“About ten times worse than it is right now.”
Todd shivered. “Fuck, it’s cold enough now. I zipped our bags together. Figured it’d be warmer. That okay?” Vic’s Adam’s apple moved, but no words emerged. He nodded mutely. Todd slipped inside the bags. “Hurry up. Help get this thing warm.”
Vic stopped standing like a pole-axed mule and shucked down to his jockeys before slipping in beside his friend.
“Brrr,” Todd complained, wrapping himself around Vic. “Man, get some body heat going.”
The two boys lay together as the thick downy sack slowly warmed. After a few moments, Todd spoke in a low voice. “It’s all right if you want to feel.” Trying not to appear too eager, Vic caressed Todd’s naked chest. He lingered over the nipples until each rose and hardened.
“What would it feel like if you sucked them?” Todd’s voice was barely audible.
Wordlessly, Vic demonstrated until Todd squirmed. Boldly, Vic brushed Todd’s smooth forehead, fingering the cheek and nose and mouth and chin. Todd held Vic’s head in both hands so their eyes were inches apart.
“I…I’m ready to try it, if you want to.” Before Vic could speak Todd pulled their lips together. “Suck me, Vic. Show me what it’s like.”
He kissed the length of Todd’s torso. Pushing away their cotton briefs, he greedily pulled the other boy’s turgid cock into his mouth. It pulsed to the cadence of Todd’s elevated heartbeat. Vic slid between his friend’s strong legs and nuzzled his heavy sac. Todd gasped and spread his legs. Vic went beyond the testicles, licking the tender skin behind them until Todd shivered.
“Now, man! Now! Take it, Vic!”
Vic rode up the underside of the hard shaft and sucked the end into his mouth. After three tries, he successfully took all of it and rubbed his nose in Todd’s soft pubic hair. Proud of what he had done, Vic held that position until he needed to draw a breath. Then he came up to the very end.
Overheated, Todd threw back the covers. His hands rested on Vic’s bobbing head. His legs scissored involuntarily and snaked around Vic’s naked torso. Timidly at first, then more forcefully, Todd told his lover what felt best, what he wanted more of, and finally that he was coming. Vic took every drop of Todd’s hot cum as the Asian boy thrashed through his climax.
When Todd finally lay still, Vic crawled up the slender torso and humped his lover’s groin. Todd clasped Vic’s head, studying his eyes through the darkness until Vic flooded their bellies with jism.
“You close your eyes when you come,” Todd broke the silence.
“So do you. It was a rush to watch your face in the garage the other day.” Afraid to ask, but needing to know, Vic finally posed the question. “How was it?”
“For me it was the best.”
“You’re kidding. Getting it on my belly’s the best you ever had?” Vic nodded. “Man, we gotta get you laid.”
“No!” Vic barked. “I don’t want to stick my thing in some girl. If I could do what we just did for the rest of my life, I’d be happy.” He felt Todd tense and rushed on. “I know, I know. This is just…just releasing some pressure.”
“Yeah. And experimenting a little. Did you really like sucking my cock? Better than for that neighbor guy?”
“Better than him, the quarterback, the halfback, the center…everybody! I’d never need anybody else if…. Yeah, yeah, I know! But you asked. Even if you throw me out in the cold, I need to tell you something. I love you, man.”
Afraid his mouth had ruined things again, Vic hugged his friend’s warm, naked body. Todd made no reply, gave no reaction except to stroke the back of Vic’s head. They covered up again and fell asleep with Vic atop Todd, semen drying between them. Sometime during the night Todd tipped him off and spooned against his back. Vic reveled at the warm pressure against his butt.
“I’ve got a surprise for you, Vic,” Todd’s sleepy voice announced.
“Another one?” Vic grinned into the night.
“Aw, not like that. I got accepted at the U. We’ll be going there together.”
“That’s great! Can we room together?”
“Yeah. We can try it.”
“And we don’t have to do this anymore if…if we can still be close.”
“Why’d you say what you did? Why do you…like me?” Todd hedged.
“You’re the handsomest boy I’ve ever seen. You’re so sexy I about cream when I see you. The real reasons You’re my friend, the only true friend I’ve ever had. You’re a good person. You’re sensitive and don’t poke fun at me. Doing it for you is fantastic. And you send out signals that drive me crazy. Like when you walk…you’re like a bullfighter, graceful, you know. You’re a real man, but you put up with knowing I’m queer for you. I know it sounds crazy, but my soul can see yours, and it likes what it sees.”
“Know what I like about you? You’re good-looking, too, but it’s mostly that the whole damned school tried to shut you out, make you a loser. You wouldn’t let them. You kept fighting for your own space. You didn’t try to like girls ‘cause that’s what they expected. You went on being you without turning bitter or sour. Lostsa them didn’t like it, but some of them admired you for it. I know I did. You’ve got guts. And you’ve got a sense of humor. That’s important, Vic.” He was silent for a moment.
“To some people that’s all you are, a queer. How you like your sex totally defines you. They sure are stupid. They missed a friendship that could have meant a lot to them if they hadn’t been so narrow-minded. I guess what I’m trying to say is…well, I love you, too. In my own way.”
Vic close to tears. “Oh, man…” Words failed him. He held onto Todd’s arms.
“But you gotta understand. I still like girls. You can’t hold on too tight.”
“I won’t,” Vic said recklessly. “I promise!”
After a period of silence, Todd spoke again. “Vic? Have you ever done it the other way? You know,” Todd thrust his hips forward, butting Vic’s ass.
“N…no. But I’ll do anything for somebody who loves me.”
Half an hour later, Vic lay flat of his belly as his semen soaked into the sleeping bag. Todd’s heaving, spent body lay atop him, his semi-hard cock still buried between Vic’s buns. Discounting the terrible pain at the beginning, Vic had never experienced anything like this in his life. Once that huge cock was inserted, Todd had been demanding, gentle, violent, languid, urgent…magnificent! Vic shot off simply from the friction of his body against the bedroll while Todd rode him.
That was when the magic happened. Todd cried aloud as Vic’s internal muscles seized his cock and pulled the semen out of him. The Amerasian boy had come and come and come. At the end, he shuddered and gasped,
“My God, I do love you, Vic! Screw Marcy Garson. Screw her to hell!”
“I’d prefer you did it to me instead,” Vic groaned and stretched contentedly beneath his lover’s weight.


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