Reviews of CUT HAND

Quintessential Historical Fiction
Mark Wildyr's cross-culture novel "Cut Hand" [StarBooks Press, 2010] was a delightful find for me. To explain, I usually shy away from "Wild West" stories because they tend to be little more than loosely strung together sexual romps, to which the plot only serves to move the characters from one tryst to another. On the contrary "Cut Hand," while sexy, is a plot-driven, insightful look at "Two Spirit" customs within North American Native cultures. Moreover, since it places a white boy in the role of the wink-te (pronounced "wan-te" in this story) it is a unique approach to it.

To simply say that this story is "plot-driven" does not do it the justice it deserved. This is a superbly researched glimpse of "a time never again to be seen on the Great Plains," and done with such credibility that it is a veritable history lesson in itself. Also woven into this is a sometimes poignant story of love between men: manly men; husbands and wink-te wives; warriors; and yet so human that anyone could identify with them.

Altogether, this is quintessential historical fiction encompassing a fascinating topic and period in history. Five stars. –GAB

One of the Best Gay Love Stories I've Ever Read
Mark Wildyr's first novel, "Cut Hand," is a beautifully written love story between a young white man, Billy Strobaw, and the Indian warrior, Cut Hand. Told against the back-drop of the American frontier, it spans nearly 30 years from the early 1830's until the start of the Civil War. Other reviewer's have adequately described how Billy and Cut Hand met, fell in love and went to live among Cut's people - the Yanube. I especially loved the character of young Otter who later becomes Billy's longtime lover and I wish the author had spent more time with their love story which spanned 20 years. Still, this book is one of the best gay love stories I've ever read - in fact, I had to read it twice to truly appreciate it. It is definitely worth a read and is easily a 5 star novel!

I look forward to more novels from Mark Wildyr and I sincerely hope some smart director will make the story of "Cut Hand" into a feature film someday—it would be the next "Brokeback Mountain." –RLF

Reviews of RIVER OTTER

Spectacular Sequel
I am a HUGE fan of Mark Wildyr’s work! "River Otter" is a fantastic book. It pulls you in, captivates you, and I guarantee you won't want to put it down. I couldn't! If you have an imagination like I do, this book will read like a movie. The visuals alone are mesmerizing. You'll feel as if it's playing before your eyes! I HIGHLY recommend this book, but please read "Cut Hand" first. –NA

Great Read
I had previously read Mark Wildyr's "Cut Hand" which was fantastic and you should read before "River Otter" so you will have a full history of the story.

"River Otter" lived up to the same very high standard. I very much enjoyed the history and the characters that continued from the previous book. The characters in both books were very believable and likeable, except for the villains. The book not only described the discrimination against the traditional land owners but also against gay people in any community and showed how the Native Americans were far more accepting than the white foreigners. I love this book along with "Cut Hand." –PM


Good Read
I had recently read “Cut Hand” and thought what a wonderful read it was so I was looking to purchase another book by this author –Mark Wildyr. This book was fantastic and I consumed it in record time. The author has a wonderful way in treating his characters and they came alive for me on the pages. It's a story of self-discovery, healing and friends. Highly recommended. –PM

Another great piece by Mark Wildyr. It is great to see the makings of a self-made man and the love story that happens. It is nice to have a book that you don't want to put down. I have enjoyed all three books by My Wildyr and I'm waiting for the next one. –qbs