Here is a list of my published books and novellas and the two novels my publisher, STARbooks Press, has scheduled for release in 2014.

This novel is a romantic action epic of an unorthodox love between Billy Strobaw, a white youth on the American frontier escaping his Tory family's past, and Cut Hand, a young warrior destined for the leadership of his band. The sexuality of the protagonists becomes merely a personal footnote in the struggle of the Plains tribes to preserve a way of life that has served them well for generations. Told partially in Colonial and early American English, the novel follows these two lovers from 1832 to 1861, thirty tumultuous years on young America's frontier. Click on the link to the left to read the prologue and first chapter.

A sequel to Cut Hand, this novel picks up the story of River Otter and Major James Morrow during and after the American War Between-the-States. A survivor of the wholesale massacre of his people, Otter faces the changing mores confronting homosexuals—changes imposed by the conquering Anglo culture. As the war begins to wind down, he leaves the only home he has ever known to help Major Morrow, the Commandant of Ft. Yanube, build a farm north of the fort. He begins a new life with the handsome Major while coming to grips with growing hostility toward natives and rising danger from a local militia bent on eliminating all bloods from the territory. As he struggles to survive the social and political upheaval sweeping the plains, Otter must remain true to his own set of values. Click on the link to the left to read the prologue and first chapter.

Six related stories (Huntinghawk Cums, Huntinghawk & Wolverine, A Hawk in the City, Otra Vez, Grove, and Interregnum) were blended into a novella about the adventures of Curt Huntinghawk and his sidekick, Grover Whitedeer, members of a group of Native Americans hired by the US government to track drug traficantes across the Arizona desert. The adventure involves murder, hunting down a notorious drug runner known as Wolverine, and two hard drinking, womanizing men lurching their way toward the acceptance of their feelings for one another. (STARbooks, “Fantasies Made Flesh”) Available from Amazon.

William (Wilam) Greyhorse carves small animals and toys for his younger sisters as a method of coping with alcoholic parents and physical abuse by his father. With the growing estrangement from his family, he is shaken by the increasingly powerful feeling that he is different. The day he meets Jason Bedford in an Albuquerque park, the Indian youth’s unexplained yearnings blaze into outright desire. Jason, a successful Anglo artist, likewise exposes him to a different, heretofore unimagined, economic lifestyle. When his whittling turns into art, Wilam begins to hope this will provide an escape from the trap his life has become. Click on the link to the left to read the prologue and first chapter.


The third in the Cut Hand series, this is a post-Civil War novel of some of Cut Hand and Otter’s extended family spanning the years from 1877 to 1890, which marks the end of the Indian Wars, except for the Apache struggle in the southwest. Young John Strobaw lays his hands on his Grandpa Billy Strobaw’s journal and discovers family secrets that shake him right to his soul. But it also explains some of the feelings he has for Matthew Brandt, his brother in all but blood. Matthew has left their home at Teacher’s Mead for the life of a warrior, and tempts John with his body to accompany him. Will War Eagle (John) abandon a safe life at the Mead to follow Shambling Bear (Matthew) into the wilderness?

This is the contemporary story of an uneducated young womanizer who likes nothing better than a party. On his eighteenth birthday, he wakes up in a strange motel room erupting into the mouth of a white guy who lured him with the promise of a room and a bottle. Weird sex wasn’t part of the deal. But that incident, as revolting and enraging as it was at the time, helps Charley understand his feelings for a childhood friend named Daniel Warhorse. As they grope their way towards one another while working on a logging crew, the two young Indians aspire to better themselves and decide to go into business together trading native arts and crafts. A seductive woman called Moon Eyes and a handsome teen named Aden Jones stir the pot dangerously.

PERSONAL NOTE: My thanks to STARbooks Press for publishing my novels and novella. They have shown great respect for my wishes in editing the works. I thank them for their patience and professionalism.