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Li’l Honey Bunny (Part 2 of 3 Parts), Post #258

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Well, Cliff’s seen Li’l Honey Bunny again, and the sight knocked his socks off. What do you suppose is going to happen next? Let’s find out.



* * * *


The day went more slowly than usual, but eventually it passed. After my shift, I rushed home, showered—for the second time that day—shaved—ditto—and spent too much time deciding what to wear, eventually settling on a pair of walking shorts I’d been told fit me nicely in the rear, and a sleeveless polo shirt. As I gave myself a final check in the mirror, I felt kinda foolish. I hadn’t made such elaborate preparations for my last date with a girl. Nonetheless, I felt good as I left for the bowling alley.

Bunny was already at the alley and looked super in shorts and a muscle shirt that fit like original skin. My enthusiasm waned when he had two girls in tow. I knew them both, but one, Eileen Whipper, I’d dated in high school. Disappointed though I was, I had to admit she looked better than the high school Eileen.

“Cliffy!” she exclaimed, opening her arms to me. Nothing to do but move into them.

“Eileen, it’s been too long.”

She held me at arm’s length and put a scowl on her face. “You promised to write.”

“That I did, but even my folks didn’t get a letter. Thought I’d breeze through my classes like in Eldorado, but college is a little tougher. Takes more time.”

She cocked an eye. “That’s your excuse?”

“Well, that and sloth.”

“Now I’m starting to believe you.”

The other girl was closer to Bunny’s age, and I knew her only slightly. He reintroduced me to Lila.

Naturally, it was a case of us against them, me and Eileen against Bunny and Lila. That was okay. Either way, I got to watch his athletic form do the windup, take the steps, and let go of the ball, skewing sideways at the end with his hips cocked. Smooth as chocolate fudge flowing over cherry ice cream. And about as delicious. Strangely, my licentious thoughts about him made my own butt tingle every time I bowled.

Halfway through the set, I had a thought that almost made me toss a gutter ball. I’d fooled around with a few guys before, but it had always been a casual thing… you know, guys helping one another after striking out on a double date. But here I was actively lusting after another guy. That was new territory. But there it was. Apparently, nothing to worry about because we were stuck with two gals for the night, and from the way Lila clung to her guy, he probably wasn’t going home needy tonight. Well, crap!

The set was a close one, but Bunny and his partner aced us out… probably because I bowled right after Bunny did, and the image of his manly body performing that sexy toss threw me off my game. I was surprised he didn’t start in on that “make me eat my words” thing right away, but he didn’t.

We ate in the alley’s restaurant afterward, and I put on a good face even though the night wasn’t gonna turn out the way I wanted, you know, with some one-on-one bonding time with Bunny.

At the end of the meal, the girls excused themselves to go to the powder room, so I took the opportunity to drain the pipe. As I was finishing, Bunny entered and stepped to the urinal beside me.

I’d never experienced “shy kidneys” before, but I got an attack of them right then. My stream promptly dried up, yet I didn’t want to leave. Even though there was a modesty panel between us, standing side by side holding our private parts in our hands seemed erotic on its own.


“Yeah,” I managed to answer and sound natural.

“I’m not into it tonight. What say we ditch the girls and get a six-pack.”

Dunno why, but somehow I had to make a joke out of it. “Gotcha. You’re not old enough, so you gotta rely on me to buy the booze.”

“Something like that. You game?”


The girls had arrived in their own car, so we didn’t have to take them home. I was gratified to notice that Eileen seemed as disappointed as Lila. Maybe that boded well for later.

At any rate, after they pulled out of the parking lot, I turned to Bunny to find him watching me.

“You sure you’re okay with going stag?” he asked. “Eileen seemed interested.”

“Went with her for a while in high school. I’m sure we’ll see one another again. Lila looked disappointed too.”

He shrugged. “Getting too intense. I’ll be leaving for college in a couple of months and need to put some distance between us.” He held up a hand. “I’m not dumping her, you understand. Just trying to prepare us both for what’s coming.”

“Whatever you do, don’t promise to write her… unless you intend to do it. Things get busy on a college campus.”


We agreed on a private place to demolish a six pack, and I drove to the liquor store to pick up the booze while he drove on to stake out a spot. I grabbed the first two six packs out of the cooler I saw, threw money on the counter and broke the speed limit to a stand of woods just outside of town, holding my breath and praying he’d be there.

Sure enough, when I pulled into the grove, there was his Chevy Impala. Grabbing a deep breath and the two six packs, I scrambled out of my car and slid into the passenger seat of his.

“Ah, salvation!” he breathed, tearing one of the cans out of the container and popping the lid. He took a hefty draft, smacked his lips, and muttered, “Nirvana.”

With something else in mind, I blurted, “Not quite but almost.”


To cover my blunder, I explained that by the end of his first semester, he’d have had so much beer that the bloom was off the lily. Still an enjoyable relief from pressure, but surely not Nirvana.

He seemed to accept my explanation, settling himself more comfortably and spreading his legs. Unconscious or on purpose?

“So tell me about it. Let me know what to expect?”

“It?” I asked. Surely not the it I had in mind.

“You know. College.”

So I blathered on for half an hour while our supply of beer steadily dwindled. I went easy, leaving more for him. Devious son of a bitch, wasn’t I?

At length, he surprised me. “What about sex?”

My mouth dried up, my stomach clinched, but I managed to sound halfway normal. “I’m game if you are.”

He laughed and slapped the steering wheel. “No, you goofball. What about sex on campus. Give me some pointers.

My stomach dropped down into my bowels… followed shortly thereafter by my expectations.


As we all know, things don’t always turn out the way we plan. Wonder how Cliff’s going to handle the rest of the summer with Bunny still around? Well, there’s one more installment, so I guess we’ll find out.

 I now have the cover for the upcoming Huntinghawk, but JMS won’t let me give anyone a peek yet. I like it, and hopefully, so will you. The release date is sometime in February. I’ll keep you posted.

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