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Red and White (Part 1 of 2 Parts), Post #253

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Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving Day. No one overate, I’m sure.


Last week, we observed Charlie and Red Leg breech two different cultures to initiate a growing friendship. Charlie’s ma took on the task of teaching Red Leg and his sister, but it’s beginning to look as if Red Leg’s gonna turn out to be Charlie’s instructor. Let’s see.


* * * *


I saw a lot more of Red Leg and Little Fawn than expected because their mother decided they should join Sissy and me in Ma’s daily schooling sessions. That brightened those long hours for me. While I didn’t exactly not like learning, it got awfully tedious at times. Little Fawn, like Sissy, took to it right away. Red Leg was more like me, except he sopped up knowledge a little faster than I did. His English, for example, improved rapidly, although I’m sure he’d have trouble telling what was a noun and what was a verb.

After Ma’s class and my farm chores were done, I got my real education. Once let loose, I’d search out Red Leg, who became my new instructor in real life events. He taught me how to hunt with a bow and arrow, how to dress a deer carcass, and what plants were edible or harmful. Hey, I was learning how to become self-sufficient! That’s a real education.

And I got educated in another way too when we went skinny-dipping in the creek one hot summer day. He dyed that right leg with something that washed off. He went in the water red-legged, and came out bronze-legged.

I noticed something else too. A thick black bush and an impressive set of equipment. Looked more like a man’s than a lanky, eighteen-year-old kid. Course, out here on the frontier, everyone considered a seventeen-year-old as a man. I’d just left seventeen behind me, and I didn’t feel near like a man. Just a big kid.

Anyhow, that day, as we lay in the grass after horseplay in the stream, my eye kept straying to his private parts, which made me feel strange. And I do mean strange. I got all goose-pimply and felt weak in the knees. Then I noticed he was looking at me too. He might not look a guy in the eye, but he didn’t mind laying an orb directly on guy’s private parts. But I’d already noticed he was a lot more direct in his speech and actions than I was. Which, in a way, made him less sneaky than me.

So I stopped being sneaky, sat up on my elbow, and took a good look. Immediately, I grew intimidated. That was a man lying naked in the grass beside me. His mind and heart might be the kid I knew as Red Leg, but that body was definitely a full-grown man’s. And a whopper of a man at that.

First thing I knew, my hand was on his leg, the one that’d been painted before we went swimming. I thought it was just a reaction to that missing paint, but as soon as I felt his silken touch, I knew I was wrong. Flustered, I lay back down.

Red Leg came up on his elbow and took a look at my privates. Watching his big, black eyes—couldn’t tell where the iris ended and the pupil began— study me, I felt myself grow. Mortified, I covered myself with my hands.

Red Leg grunted and brushed them away. I got hard as a rock under that piercing stare, starting when he ran his fingers through my pubic hair.

He touched his own bush. “Not black like mine.”

“N-no. Brown.”

“Like on head.”


He flipped his long hair. “Black.”

“Uh, yeah. Real black.”

He flicked my throbbing member. “Work like mine?”

My mind stuttered over both the touch and the question. “Uh-huh. Least ways, I guess so.”

He lay back down, our hips pressed against one another. “We find out.”

My heart nearly failed when he threw a leg over mind, grasped himself, and set up a rhythm, but I wasn’t far behind him. As we worked, I got a little extra tingle when I looked at him pumping himself. What did that mean? I didn’t know, but I liked it. I even got so bold as to slide my free hand onto his muscled chest. He didn’t seem to mind.

Before long—way before I wanted it to—things started getting serious. I got that special feeling in my belly and groin, and even somewhere in my backside that let me know I was gonna pop the cork… and good!

Then he let out a groan and started spewing like that Mount Vesuvius I’d read about. Hot, steaming lava, and lots of it. He kinda turned halfway into me to finish, and I had an eruption of my own. A long, satisfying one.

I don’t know how long we lay half entangled in one another, but eventually, he sat up and started cleaning himself with grass. When he finished, he grabbed another clump and set to scrubbing me. I almost fainted at the unexpected gesture. Before I wanted him to, he rose and extended an arm, hauling me to my feet and pushing me toward the stream. We splashed and played until the awkwardness I’d felt melted in the glow of friendship.

When we came out of the creek, he got behind me and started rubbing water from my back with his hands. That done, he leaned into me and brushed my chest free of droplets. He felt good, pressed against me like that.

When he spoke, his lips at my ear, I was startled.

“Charlie my friend, now.”

“Uh, thought I already was.”

“You my special friend.” He grasped my member and pressed himself against my backside. “That mine now. You don’t do that with nobody else. Just Red Leg.”

I smiled at the thought. Wasn’t anybody else around to do it with. Nonetheless, I agreed. “Okay. Are we gonna do it again… sometime?”

His clutch became an embrace. “Gonna do it. Lotsa times. Gonna do more too.”

The warmth of his groin on my buns gave me a hint of his meaning. Suddenly, I was filled with both dread and anticipation. Dreadful anticipation!


Well, to be fair, there aren’t many other young people Charlie’s age in the area. So you take it where you can get it, don’t you. But is he getting too fond of the handsome, young Indian? From the inset above, do you blame him?

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