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Artificial Intelligence in Writing - A Sample, Post #244

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I hope you liked the story of Tai over the last two posts.

This week, I’m teaming up with my buddy Don Travis to take on the issue of Artificial Intelligence in writing. Although he may be a little more smoked about the subject than I am, the presence of AI is of interest. His post on on June 13 featured an AI generated story about a post-apocalyptic world and a video that went viral written in the style of William Faulkner.

My post this week, is the same story written in the style of Ernest Hemmingway, created by the same unidentified AI source. I would appreciate your comments on the story… and its source.

                                                                              * ** *


 In the barren aftermath of an apocalyptic world, a video emerged—a relic that reverberated across the desolate landscape. No one knew where it came from, nor how it had endured the cataclysm that obliterated everything in its wake. But its impact was undeniable, its resonance piercing through the hearts of the few who remained.

 The video spoke without words, its imagery a stark contrast to the bleak reality surrounding it. It depicted a woman, her delicate figure gliding through the skeletal remains of what was once a vibrant city. She danced with an ethereal grace, a silent tribute to a forgotten time. Her steps, infused with a raw elegance, painted a portrait of a world that had been lost—a world where laughter flowed freely and joy knew no bounds.

 As the video circulated among the survivors, tales of its transformative power spread like wildfire. Men and women, battered by the harshness of their existence, found solace in the woman's fleeting presence on the screen. She became their muse, a flicker of hope amidst the pervasive despair. In her movements, they glimpsed the indomitable spirit of the human race—a stubborn refusal to surrender to the darkness.

 The video became a rallying cry, an emblem of resilience in a landscape plagued by desolation. It brought people together, fostering a sense of unity in the face of insurmountable odds. Communities, once fractured and isolated, banded together under the shared belief that life could rise from the ashes.

 No one knew the origin of the video, and speculation fueled the whispers that echoed in the winds. Some claimed it was a divine intervention, a message from the heavens to guide humanity through its darkest hour. Others saw it as a stroke of artistic brilliance—a testament to the power of visual storytelling. But amidst the uncertainties, one thing remained clear: the video had become a beacon of hope, a testament to the unyielding spirit that lay dormant within every survivor.

 And so, as the remnants of civilization clung to their fragile existence, the video endured—a silent reminder of the beauty that once thrived. It spoke volumes without uttering a single word, evoking a longing for the past while kindling a fire of determination for the future.

 In this world of ruin and despair, the video whispered a simple truth: that even amidst the wreckage, the human spirit would endure. It held the power to ignite a flame, to remind those who watched it that life was still worth fighting for. And as the survivors huddled around the flickering screens, they found solace in the unspoken promise—the promise that one day, against all odds, the dance of life would resume, and the echoes of the past would guide them towards a new beginning.


To me, the story reads more like an excessively long preface to a sci-fi book than a story on its own It’s a narrative of events, not a living of them. Am I worried? Naw.

 On the other hand, as Don points out, AI hasn’t reached its adulthood yet. Maybe, as authors and readers, we should worry as it grows up. I’d appreciate any thoughts on the subject you might have. I also encourage you to read Don’t blog posting of the 13th.

 Next week, I’ll try to have a short story for you. Until then.

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