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DJH’s Story – Part 3

Still getting comments on this story, so we’ll go with it again for this post. You will recall that we left our protagonist lying atop the hay stack gazing down into a secret room to see two cousins, including his boyhood hero, Jim, naked and going at it hot and heavy. Let’s find out what happened after that.


     I didn’t know whether to fall off the hay pile and run or slither into the secret room and suffer whatever fate awaited me. Either way, I’d probably break something vital. Because my hard-on was bigger than any I’d ever had in my life!
     Frank had leaned back on his hands to expose himself to me, so buff, handsome Jim was now totally visible. My idol held up both hands and smiled. I’d never seen anything so sexy in my life. Michelangelo would have painted him just that way. Wide shoulders, ribs tapering to a small waist, hips slightly wider, and great thighs and legs. And then there was that big, pulsing, circumcised cock throbbing against his belly.
     “Come on down, man. We’ve been thinking about inviting you to join us.”
     Incapable of speech, I merely gulped and nodded.
     “But you gotta promise you won’t tell anyone,” Frank said.
     Geez! He was gorgeous, too. Curly blond hair on top, and darker, slightly reddish cock hair. Were all my cousins hung like these two?
     “What’s it gonna be?” Jim called.
     I scrambled so hard to get down into that room I nearly fell right on top of them. In a New York second, I was flat of my back with two muscled men tearing at my clothes. Once I was as naked as I was ever going to get, they both sat back on their heels and gave me a good examination.
     “Yep, he’s family,” Frank observed.
     “I’d recognize that cock and pair of balls anywhere.”
     Frank turned serious. “Solemn vow, Daniel. You don’t ever tell anyone about this. Not now. Not never.”
     Still breathless, I worked up enough saliva to confirm what my nodding head was saying. “Not ever. I swear.”
     Frank took charge of the upper end; Jim, the lower. Two pairs of hands rubbed me from stem to stern. Gentle touches. Then firmer. When Jim grasped my raging cock, I almost jumped a foot off the floor. Heck, was I cuming? I took a breath. No, but it wouldn’t take much to get me there.
I let out a gasp when Frank leaned down and bit my left tit. Then he sucked on it like a newborn calf at his mama’s udder.
     “Relax, man,” Jim said. “Enjoy.”
     The first part of that was hard to do when he licked my slit, but the second part was automatic. Then he went down on me all the way, and I had two sexy males sucking on two sensitive parts of me. Frank switched to the other nipple. I would have figured this was Nirvana if the hay wasn’t scratching my back where my left shoulder had slid off the pile of clothes beneath me. But … I … would … put … up … with … some … straw … for …
     Man,” I moaned. “Oh, man. I’m cuming, guys! I’m gonna … shoot … Oh, unghhh!”
I came. And came. Like never before, I came.
     Frank sat up and watched me squirm through those delicious, electrical discharges, but Jim kept right on sucking until I grabbed his head and held it still. When he finally came up off me, he swiped his mouth with a muscular arm and grinned.
     “Pretty good discharge, cousin.”
     I sucked in enough air to respond. “Pretty good blowjob, cousin. How long you guys been doing this?”
     Frank shrugged his naked shoulders. “For a while now. You like it?”
     “I love it!”
     “Girls love things,” he came back at me. “Guys get a charge out of them.”
     “Man, what a charge.”
     Jim splayed his legs out in front of him. “Turn about’s fair play. You have a problem with that?”
     “Hell, no!”
     Problem? This was my nighttime dream coming true in the daylight. I squirmed around to gobble that big prick.
     “Lie down on your belly,” he instructed me. Propped back on his hands, he allowed me to do something I’d craved since before I had cock hair. I grabbed his manhood and licked the big, bulbous end like an ice cream cone. It jumped in my hand. I took him in my mouth determined to give him the best head he’d ever had.
     As I was happily slurping on Jim’s hard prick, Frank started playing with my buns. He got a grunt out of me when he stroked my crack. I opened my legs. A fingernail touched my sphincter. Wow!
     Frank got between my legs. The next thing that touched my pucker hole was big and wet. He got another grunt out of me when he pushed, but I didn’t miss a lick on Jim’s cock. Not even when Frank entered me. Oh, man, what a feeling! I was servicing two hot, heavy dongs at the same time. The only problem was, when Frank really got to going at it, he kept pushing me up off Jim’s dong. So I adapted. I went up on the hot cock in my mouth when Frank lunged, and deep-throated it when he withdrew.
     Worked like a charm. Before long, Jim groaned and shot his load. I took him all and tried to measure the actual taste of his seed against the imaginary times I’d done this. This was better! By a factor of zowie!
     It was a good thing he shot off when he did, because when Frank got close, he really assaulted my ass. I had to put my arms around Jim’s waist to keep from getting shoved all the way to the wall. Man, hugging that hard, naked chest made it all the better. By the time Frank exploded, I went over the edge again and came all over the clothing I was lying on.
     For a few minutes all I could hear was heavy panting. Then finally Jim found his voice.
     “Daniel, remember your promise. Don’t ever tell anyone about this.”
     “If you do, you can’t come back,” Frank warned.
     “You …” Puff. “You don’t have to worry about me! I’ll be back for more.”
Sounds like the beginning of a great summer to me. Are there more surprises coming, or is this the way it’ll be until Daniel returns to school in August? Maybe we’ll find out next month.

Hope you liked Daniel’s story so far. Thanks for reading, and come back soon.

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