Wednesday, July 1, 2015

DJH’s Story – Finale

Daniel’s discovered that two of his hunky cousins are very, very into what he’s been hankering for. Very satisfactory results. So what happens next? Let’s find out.

     Farm work conspired to rob us of the time to meet in the straw stack for the rest of the week. At least it kept me from the secret room, but in my mind’s eye, I saw Jim and Frank going at it hot and heavy. I despaired of getting back with them before they ran out of semen to share with me. After all, they were both married. That meant they not only had to satisfy each other and me, they also had wives to service.
     My family, in fact most families in this little farm town, were big on marriage. It was de rigueur. Necessary. Required. I was still in school, so my single state was acceptable.
     The next time I got some free time, I scooted over to the hay barn just in time to see Jim scaling the straw pile. With my heart in my throat, I broke into a run, anxious to get there before too much had gone on. Was I afraid there wouldn’t be enough to go around?
     Halfway up the side of the stack, I knew they heard me because everything went quiet inside. Then Jim popped up through the opening. He grinned when he saw who it was and waved me on up.
     “It’s the new blood,” he yelled down inside. “Daniel’s hot and ready to go.”
     And I was. I’d sprung a bone as soon as I saw his handsome face. When I reached the top and looked down inside, my eyes popped golf to ball size and my mouth fell open so that I almost drooled down into the room. Not only was Jim there, still fully dressed except for boots, but Frank was lying on his back, nude as he could be – with hard, naked male flesh on either side of him. My mouth snapped shut as I recognized two more cousins, Lynn and Darrel. Made me wonder if four handsomer men ever got together anywhere … bare-assed, that is.
     I froze until Darrel, my brown-haired, brown-eyed first cousin with a bubble butt I’d dreamed about for years, looked up and yelled for me to come on down. That’s all it took. I slithered down, and Jim caught me or I’d have landed hard and broken my stiff cock for sure. Then everything was like it was before, except there were four of them yanking my clothes off and examining my equipment like they were buying a bull at the sales barn.
     “Yep, that’s a Hawley cock,” Lynn said. “Looks like yours, Jim.”
     I beamed. Jim had the best-looking prick in the family as far as I was concerned.
     “Big balls. You guys ain’t been giving them enough action.” Darrel squeezed my sac gently, which made my cock jump in Lynn’s hand.
     “Haven’t seen him in a week,” Jim said. “But they’re gonna get drained today.”
     They put me on my back and then took charge of different parts of my anatomy. Darrel’s full lips gave me a hard kiss on the mouth. Linn attended my nipples and torso. Jim lowered his head to my cock while Frank got between my legs and started rubbing them. Pretty soon, I felt him reach for more sensitive flesh. Before Jim got me halfway to ejaculation, Frank’s fingers teased my pucker string. They were all still working away when I started jerking like a spastic. That orgasm about put me into orbit. But I soon struggled back to earth. There were games to be played!
     Jim took charge of the arrangements. He put me on my belly with Lynn at my head and Darrel mounted in the rear. I could tell from his entry this wasn’t Cousin Darrel’s first time. So I gobbled Lynn’s prick while Darrel fucked my ass.
     As soon as they were finished, they sat back and watched as Jim and Frank took over. This time, Frank presented his cock to my mouth, while Jim fucked me most of the way to Nirvana. After an hour, I knew that Darrel had the biggest cock among us, but my hero, Jim, was the best fucker of the bunch. Everyone insisted I gave the best blowjob.
     I think that was the best summer of my life to that point.
     I believed I had the most wonderful family in the entire Western World. I could hardly wait for summer and spring break vacations because I could return to the greatest sex parties – bar none – including college hijinks. One by one my cousins got married. First, it was Lynn and then Darrel. By the time I graduated college, I was the only one who hadn’t found a flesh and blood wife.
     The summer after graduation was a little different. The sex was still great, but I started getting a few little hints about settling down and building a family. I expected this from my parents and grandparents, but from my cousins? But there it was.
     “It’s time, bro. Find a heifer and take her to the cowshed.” I don’t know how many times I heard that one before I broke down and asked a girlfriend to marry me. To my surprise, she did.
     I don’t want to confess how many years our romps in the straw shed went on. I should have been the happiest guy around. But I’d made a mistake, and probably realized it – at least subconsciously – while I was making it. I stuck it out as long as I could, but my marriage fell apart. And I knew exactly why. I was crippled from living a sham marriage and for denying who I was.
     So I stood up like a man and did what was right. I got a divorce and came out of the closet. I expected the experience to be painful, but it wasn’t. It was liberating. However, what came next was hurtful.
     To a man, my four beautiful, sexy cousins who had fucked me, sucked me, and jerked me off for years, who had allowed me the most intimate liberties with their manly bodies told me they couldn’t have anything to do with me. They weren’t gay and couldn’t afford to associate with anyone who was.
     I was devastated and struggled with the rejection for years, but I persevered and survived. I’ve learned a bit in the intervening time. There are a lot of screwed up people out there who don’t even realize they are crippled by their need to “conform.” Oh, I think my cousins are convinced they are happy with their lives. But then, so was I until I came to my senses. Who knows what would have happened if Jim or Frank or Lynn or Darrel had faced facts. Maybe nothing. Maybe what they have is all they want … or deserve.
     As for me, I’ve lived the life I wanted and never regretted a thing except for being estranged from some people who were pretty important to me at one time. I’ve had a successful career. Even more, I have enjoyed a long and open relationship with a loving, handsome man who complements me physically and intellectually … and best of all, spiritually.
Readers, I do not know "Daniel" beyond a few electronic communications and one telephone call. We may be able to meet in person when he and his companion come to Santa Fe in October for a professional meeting. I’m looking forward to that possibility.

Even so, I’m convince that his cousins are the losers in this situation. They deprived themselves and their families of the company of a pretty solid citizen. At any rate, DJH, thanks for telling me your story and allowing me share it with others.

Guys, as usual, thanks for reading, and come back soon.

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  1. ..Wow. That is not how I expected that to end at all.

    That is so cruel. I mean, really.
    To do all that stuff with your male cousins, and then claim not to be gay?..

    Obviously, they just can't bear to be honest with themselves, so they can't be honest with the world, either.

    I did enjoy the story a lot, though! :) <3

    Ellie Vorse

  2. Also, I just started posting a few new fanfics on my page, and one of them is a Pocahontas story where John Smith is a Two-Spirit! :)

    I've been working on it for a while, so I have lots more to post, but I'd appreciate it a lot if you gave me your opinion on it! I know the eventual male pregnancy thing is kinda weird, but I thought it'd work in this one okay. I'm picky about when and how I do that.

    I figured you'd see it sooner on here then you would on facebook considering how fast you've answered me here in the past. I did send you my e-mail on face book, though. :)
    I hope you have some small bit of time to consider getting alerts and reading and reviewing it as I get it edited, typed and posted! :)

    But anyway, here's the link!

    Ellie Vorse - ~Sweet-Hearted SilverEars~

  3. Ellie, your surprise was nothing to DJH's when his cousins reacted as they did when he finally came out. Nonetheless, that's what happened. Sad.

    Somehow your email address didn't end up in my address book. If you'll send it again directly to, I'll give you my comments on your posting.

    Thanks for writing.