Friday, May 1, 2015

More Fun in the Hay (DJH’s Story – Part 2)

Sorry I was late getting this up, but time got away from me. No excuses.

Judging from the comments I had, many of you are waiting for more of DJH’s story about the family hayloft. So here it is. This takes place a few days after our protagonist and his good-looking cousin, Jim, had an abortive counter that left DJH frustrated and panting for more.


     A few days later, I saw Jim and another cousin, Frank, skirting the dairy barn heading in the direction of the hay barn. Anxious for more contact with Jim, even if it was innocent socializing with another cousin, I decided to join them. Besides, Frank was kinda hunky, too. Shoot, I had a whole slew of male cousins who’d turn a fellow’s head. But when I got to the hay barn, they were nowhere to be found. Puzzled, I searched everywhere I could think of, but to no avail.
     I had given up and started back to the house when sounds of laughter coming from the straw shed pulled me over there. The shed is exactly what it sounds like, a roofed area with no walls. It's designed to provide protection from rain for the straw bales stacked beneath it. I walked completely around the place, but no Jim or Frank. I stopped and scratched my head. What the hell?
     More laughter. I glanced up. Could they be on top? Then I heard something that sent me climbing the bales as quickly and quietly as I could. Groaning. Or moaning? Moaning, definitely moaning. But when I reached the top, there was no one there. The sounds continued. I climbed the last bale and discovered a hole in the middle of the hay bales. Slithering toward the hole, I glanced down at a big hollowed out place and thought my heart would fail me.
     Jim, as naked as the day he was born … but not looking anything like a baby … lay on his back atop his clothes. The first thing that caught my eye were the twin spots of hair at his armpits. He’d folded his hands back of his neck to cradle his head. I hadn’t realized how developed his pecs were. Flat, but pronounced, they were sexier than any woman’s boobs I’d ever seen. He had a little bit of dark hair trailing down his chest and onto his belly. But view of the rest of him was blocked by Frank’s head.
     Also naked as a jaybird, my other cousin bent over Jim moving his head up and down and making slurping noises. Just as Jim gave one of those long groans that had pulled me up the hay pile in the first place, he glanced up and spotted me staring down at them. Frank, alerted by his reaction, lifted his head and stared upward, as well. I’ll never forget the sight. Jim’s big, long cock – shiny with Frank’s spit – was so hard it pulsed up and down on his belly. His balls seemed full enough to burst. The V where his hips joined his torso was so pronounced and sexy, I about fell off the bale.
     Frank leaned back on his hands, giving me a good view of him, too. His cock was long and slightly curved like a banana. It looked like a drop of pre-cum had dewed the slit on his bulb. Farm work had put a good build on him. His hair was sandy colored, and he had a crooked grin that could be good-natured or devilish. The one I was getting now was more on the devilish side.
     I didn’t know whether to jump off of the hay pile or fall into the secret room. Either way, I’d probably break something vital. Because the hard-on I had was bigger and better than any I’d ever had in my life!


So what will it be? Will he be sent scooting with his tail between his legs by his older cousins or dragged down into the secret room? And if it’s the latter, will it be for a beating and a warning never to tell a soul? Or maybe … just maybe it’ll be an invitation to participate.

Don’t go making wild guesses now, because this is based on what really happened to one of my readers. It could be any of the above.

Hope you enjoyed. Next time we’ll definitely get back to DJH’s story.

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  1. Awesome . . .I love it. I think for now his cousins will only allow him to watch them fuck.

  2. Time will tell, Rico. Time will tell.

    It does make a rather interesting story, though. Thanks for reading and letting me know you appreciated the blog.

    1. Better still Mark. . .I would love if you could expand the story line and make it a book! A paperback would be great - lots of people like me HATE Kindle!