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An early interest in history and a fascination for Native American cultures have influenced much of my writing. Sometimes I indulge both, as in CUT HAND and RIVER OTTER and ECHOES OF THE FLUTE, as well as the upcoming MEDICINE HAIR. I consider these four novels as my Cut Hand Saga.

THE VICTOR AND THE VANQUISHED, THE HAWK TAKES FLIGHT (a novella), and CHARLIE BLACKBEAR (due for release on Dec 3, 2014) all have a contemporary setting, but are populated with First Nations people.

My exposure to homosexuality didn’t come in small town Oklahoma, but I met a few gays in college and found--to my surprise--they weren't scaled creatures or equipped with forked tails. They likewise didn't have 666 branded on their foreheads. Some were very interesting and challenging people. That wouldn’t have sent me down the literary path I took, but if you will check out the About page, you’ll find out how I discovered this niche market.

If you’re interested in any of the following subjects, come on in and browse. My novels, novella, and short stories cover these areas and more:

  • The Gay Experience
  • Bisexuality
  • Adventure
  • Gays in Sports
  • Gays in the Military
  • Gays Among Indian Tribes
  • Native American Cultures
  • Indian Wars
  • Indian Displacement
  • Albuquerque
  • New Mexico
  • Southwestern Desert
  • History
  • Cowboy Life

I’ll try to keep things fresh and up to date so you can always find something new. I publish the first chapter of a new book the minute my publisher gives his consent. Right now, you can read excerpts from CUT HAND, RIVER OTTER, and THE VICTOR & THE VANQUISHED.

Killer is the most recent short story I've posted, but I'll put up another one sometime soon. Please check out My Blog. Click on the links under Pages on the left to access any of these.

I cannot overemphasize how much I value your feedback. Please let me know what you liked and what you didn't. This helps me more than you know. I try to reply to each and every contact.

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