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Barry Bungee Jump – Part 3

Today, we reach the finale of Barry Bungee Jump’s story. We left the three campers turning in at the campsite…Jeff and Dari in separate tents. That let’s Barry know there won’t be the threesome he’s been dreaming of. So what does he do now? Let’s find out.


     Supper was kinda quiet in spite of all I could to do liven things up. Neither of my traveling companions showed an inclination toward sitting around a cozy campfire and spinning yarns. Jeff disappeared behind canvas first, and after I made sure the campfire was thoroughly doused, I found Dari standing at his tent flap holding it open for me.
     I ducked through and got a little thrill when his hand played with my butt as I passed him. We were both naked in seconds with me lying atop him trying to see his eyes in the darkness. All I could make out was a faint gleam. He pulled me to him and gave me a deep kiss. Fucked my mouth with his tongue was more like it. Then he pushed me down his chest so fast, I hardly got a taste of his flesh before his big cock was throbbing against my lips. Dari had been raised in some other country—Iran, I think—so he was the only guy I knew with a foreskin. Frankly, I sort of liked it and wished I had one to skin back and forth. I pulled that fold of flesh back and took him as far down my throat as I could. He filled me up pleasantly.
     I was prepared to go all the way with a blowjob, but that wasn’t what he wanted. Before long, he rolled over on top of me and spread my legs with his knees. He took me in hand for a moment before raising my legs. He was still wet when he found my sphincter. My puckerhole opened to him, and he slid inside easily. He must have been really charged up because he didn’t build up to it like he usually did. He started out fucking hard. Before long, he was grunting and groaning, and muttering in a foreign language. Something loud. I started to shush him, but then I got it. He was establishing primacy. Putting Jeff on notice my ass was getting fucked.
     Thinking maybe it would charge up Jeff for later, I joined in and gave him some “do it to mes” and a couple of “harders!”
    I don’t think Dari’d ever busted his balls like he did that night. He practically howled when his orgasm finally struck. He was panting and gasping so hard I was afraid he was going to have a heart attack. Of course, that made it good for me, too. When he finally got himself through his ejaculation, he only had to grasp me in his hand to bring me over the edge, as well. It was kinda spectacular, too.
     Neither of us said a thing as we lay there in the darkness of the tent trying to regain our breath. Fifteen minutes musta passed before I had strength enough to stir.
     “Where you going?” he asked. Demanded, really.
     “Over to Jeff’s tent.”
     “Didn’t I give you what you wanted?”
     “Sure you did. It was great. Super, actually. But I also gave you what you wanted. Now it’s Jeff’s turn.”
     “How long you been fucking him?”
     “Ever since I’ve known him, I guess.” I stopped to consider. “Not really. I just blew him and we belly fucked until you showed me the other way.”
     “Don’t go. You don’t need him.”
     “Hey, man. It’s only fair.”
     Dari didn’t say another word as I wiggled out of one tent and tip-toed as naked as I’d ever get to the other.
     “What?” Jeff said as I slithered up beside him on his sleeping bag.
     “Time for a little cuddling.” I made my voice as sweet and syrupy as I could.
     “You think I want sloppy seconds?”
     “No, I think you want your Barry.”
     Despite his attitude, he didn’t stop me as I peeled back the covers and explored his broad chest with my tongue. I could feel his throbbing cock pushing against me through the bag. I exposed him as I worked my way past his deep navel. Jeff was hot. Hot under the collar he wasn’t wearing and hot in his vitals.
I took him in my mouth and rode him all the way to his root. And he was big enough so that was uncomfortable. But I knew he’d unbend if I just kept at it. And he did. Soon, he was completely free of his covers, legs splayed, hands on my head as I seriously sucked his big dong.
     “Not this way!” He pulled me off him.
     Before I knew what was happening, he threw me on my belly, got between my legs, and split my buns with his slick cock. The dude fucked me. Really fucked me. It started out as payback, but soon turned into something with feeling to it. Angry recriminations became gentle words of care as he worked to give me his seed. When he was on the edge of his explosion, the friction of the sleeping bag against my rigid tool did me in. My orgasm about blew me away. My internal muscles grabbed and milked Jeff’s cock while we took the sex jump together. It was as good and exciting as a dive off the bridge.
     Another quarter hour passed before he rolled off me and caressed my neck. His strong hand played down my back and over my buns, making me comfortable.
     “I love you, Bungee,” he whispered.
     “It’s true. I love you, but I don’t think I can share you.”
     He took his hand away as his words raised goose bumps all up and down me. Was he telling me it was over? There wouldn’t be other trips. Other fuck sessions? I held my tongue and lay there for a long time before the chill air drove me into the bag with him. I didn’t sleep much that night, wondering if I’d made a big mistake. Well, it was done, so I just had to wait to see how it played out.
     I was kind of dopy the next morning, and for the first time, frankly wasn’t much interested in jumping. Still, it was a way to get around the hostility going around the camp. Jeff and Dari didn’t say a word to one another that was wasn’t forced out of them. After breakfast, we headed back to the bridge. And once I was hooked up to the harness and launched into the void, all my cares and troubles faded away. It was a great jump, and I was still yelling for joy when they hauled me back up. For the first time since yesterday, smiles lit both their faces.
     Dari harnessed up next, and I could tell from his delighted shout echoing in the canyon, he was free from the jealousy of last night. I watched him hit zero and start the first rebound.
     “He had a good jump.” I froze as I turned to Jeff.
     The big jack knife in his left hand rested gently against the cord. When Dari hit bottom again, and it went taut, some of the latex strands parted.
     I honestly don’t believe Jeff knew what was happening because his eyes were on me, a halfway playful smile stretched across his lips. But I saw. Dari hit bottom on his next rebound, the cord tightened again, and a few more strands parted beneath the blade.
     “Jeff, the knife’s….” I lost my voice.
     A few more strands parted, and then the cord came apart with a loud ripping sound. Only when Dari’s cries of joy became a screech of terror did Jeff’s eyes leave me. He looked at the severed jump rope and then peered over the side of the bridge. As Dari’s voice faded away on his long journey down into the Rio Grande, Jeff turned to me. I saw confusion clear from his expression and realization take hold. And then I saw the future play out behind those handsome blue eyes.
     I turned and ran for my life.


Offhand, I'd say Barry made a whopper of a mistake. Sometimes you think you know a guy, and then.... 

See you next month. Thanks for checking out the site.


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