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Barry Bungee Jump – Part 2

Today, we pick up the story of Barry Bungee Jump. As I recall, his life was going pretty well. He’d hooked up with another avid jumper and started making it with an exotic swim coach. Part one ended with him thinking: "Then I screwed it all up."

Let’s see how badly he messed thing up. The “they” Barry refers to in the opening paragraph of Part 2 are Jeff Hodges, his bungee jump buddy, and Dari Pedralis, his college swim coach dreamboat.



     If they were fucking me one at a time, what would it be like with both of them at once? A threesome. Something I’d never done before. I could blow Dari’s dusky tool while Jeff buried his fair one in my ass. All the time, they could admire one another. For the next session, we could switch up. I’d get a Dari fuck and give a Jeff blow. Wasn’t much chance they’d have at one another. They were too macho for that.
     For a while, I didn’t think I was going to be able to manage it, but when Dari expressed some interest in hearing about one of my bungee jump trips, I managed to wrangle an invitation from Jeff for my exotic-looking swimmer to accompany us on an overnighter to the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge outside of Taos. Dari was all for staying in a motel, but Jeff and I preferred to camp out. It was touch and go for a moment, but finally Dari agreed to rough it.
     The drive up the Rio Grande to Taos was interesting, as usual. Folks from around here never called it the Rio Grande River, claiming that’s redundant because “Rio” means river in Spanish. Just like locals never call that long, grinding hill before you get to Santa Fe La Bajada Hill. You got it…la bajada means hill.
     Once we made it through New Mexico’s capital city and breezed by the National Cemetery and the Santa Fe Opera, conversation loosened up a bit. I don’t know why, but it seemed to me Jeff and Dari were a little stiff-legged around one another. Talking about sports relaxed things, even if Jeff was going on about basketball while Dari was talking swimming.
     The big mud pile before you enter Taos always drew my eye. That wasn’t a very respectful way of describing Taos Pueblo, which is a lot older than the town and the home of the Taos Indians, but I didn’t mean it that way. It’s just what the place reminded me of from a distance—tiers and tiers of dried mud. One day, I was going to talk Jeff into slowing down enough to visit the pueblo, but bhen we got this close to the bridge, my thirst for a bungee jump inevitably interfered.
     Once in town, we headed west toward Tres Piedras, passed by the city airport, and pretty soon were approaching the Rio Grande Gorge. The view when approaching the big bridge spanning the chasm was sorta flat and stark, but the view from the bridge was awesome. I used to play tourist and haul big rocks out on the deck to throw over the side into the gorge. They disappeared into nothingness before striking the water or the shore over 600 feet below us. Actually, the river looks like a little trickle from the bridge, but the Rio Grande in this part of New Mexico was a world class, white-water rafting site.
     But rafting and stone-bombing rafters fighting the water below us wasn’t on my mind today. It turned out that Dari had some experience in bungee jumping, so we got down to it pretty quickly. The guys honored my teenaged enthusiasm and let me go first. Dari helped me hook up in Jeff’s body and ankle harnesses while Jeff affixed the gear box and checked the equipment. Some guys buy a ready-made braided shock cord of latex encased in a tough outer cover, but Jeff made his own rope, leaving it unbraided—which meant he omitted the outer cover. This gave us softer rebounds and longer jumps.
     In no time at all, I did a swan dive over the edge of the structure…right into space. There weren’t any words for the exhilaration I got out of free-falling. As the river rushed up at me, the tiny rocks becoming bigger and sharper, I left my stomach somewhere behind me. Of course, with only 200 feet of cord, I was nowhere near the bottom of the gorge, but it seemed like I was going to keep plunging straight into oblivion.        Then the elastic cord slowly grabbed me. I decelerated, but kept dropping. When tension equaled my weight, I halted. Zero at zero, they called it. After a seemingly long pause, I rebounded into the air, providing a charge of a different sort. My stomach seemed to pass me as I shot upward. It wouldn’t catch up until I quit bouncing.
     All too soon, it was over, and I was hanging head down with blood pounding in my ears as my two friends winched me back to the bridge. I wished it would never end…even this part of it.
     Dari went next, and his graceful dive reminded me he was a swimmer…and presumably a diver. His deep voice echoed his pleasure up and down the steep-sided canyon. I helped winch him up and checked the cord while Jeff prepared for his jump. He had good form, too. Of course, he’d done this a bazillion times before. Then as we manned the winch to drag him back up, Dari said something strange.
     “Wonder what would happen if we just left him there.”
     “Well, he sure isn’t gonna climb back up that cord. A braided one…maybe…but not this one.”
     Dari shrugged as he applied himself to the gear box and started cranking. “Don’t tell me the thought’s never crossed your mind when you’re hanging head down at the end of a long cord.”
     I shook my head and helped him with the lever. In truth, the possibility of this unlikely event had never occurred to me. Such was my trust in the people I traveled with.
     We each took one more jump and then started looking for a place to pitch camp. Jeff wasn’t interested in a public place, so we found a spot farther west that was private and had some tree coverage. Tension began to rise as we pitched our tents. Rather as they pitched their tents. I didn’t own one. Looked like I might not get that threesome I wanted to try, but with a little careful planning, I could spend part of the night with each of these handsome dudes. Next best thing.


With all the tension going on between Barry’s two lovers, it does appear he may have blundered. On the first of next month, at my regular post time, we’ll learn just how much.

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