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Hawk—Otra Vez (Part 3 of 3 Parts), Post #116

Complications, complications, complications. Last week, Hawk found Ramon and whisked him into hiding. Now what happens? Ramon is a fugitive now, so that places Hawk in danger, as well. How can this possibly end?

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Part 3

The next day was merely routine patrol. Hawk, never as talkative as his buddy, kept his silence. Around midday, Grove glanced at Hawk and growled in exasperation. “Shit, you went looking for the Mexican kid last night, didn’t you? You musta looked all night because you’re asleep on your feet. Lean back and catch forty. I’ll keep my eyes peeled.”
Hawk did just that.
Hs kept delaying a decision over what to do about Ramon. At first, because the boy needed to recover from exposure and dehydration. Then he found other excuses to delay a decision. Ramon had been cooped up in Hawk’s house for almost a month when Grove pushed Hawk into a corner.
“Let’s go across the border and visit the cat house.”
“Man, I’m running short this month.”
“Yeah, me, too. Okay, tell you what. Let’s call Sheila and Berry for a couple of rounds at the Mesa and then take them back to your pad.”
Fearing a refusal would excite suspicion, Hawk agreed. They reported in and made ready to leave.
“Pick you up at your place in a few, bro!” Grove said on the way out the door.
Hawk had his mouth open protest when the boss called him inside the office to ask his opinion of two new applicants Amadeo had been interviewing. After Hawk put in his two cents, he worried about Grove showing up at his place before he got home. Using the phone on the desk he and Grove shared to dial his house, he let it ring once, hung up and dialed again. Ramon answered.
“Gotta talk fast. Got roped into going to the Blue Mesa with my partner this evening. Couldn’t get out of it. And  Grove wants bring the girls back to the house later. I hate to ask this, but when we pull up can you go to the barn and wait in that emergency hideaway we fixed up?”
“Sure. Ramon hide in barn while Hawk fuck puta.” Hurt and distaste laced the boy’s voice. “Sorry, Hawk. Ramon know you have to put up face for others. He hide.”
“Thanks. Grove is coming to the house to pick me up, but I oughta get there before he does, okay?”
Hawk hung up the phone and headed out the door to find the Dodge sitting at an odd angle. He’d picked up a nail somewhere on the way to work this morning. It took twenty minutes to change the tire. When Hawk pulled into his own driveway, Grove’s pickup was sitting at the curb. He got out and explained about the flat. Grove didn’t seem interested.
“You got company?”
“No, why?”
“Got the impression somebody’s in there.”
“Look, I’m a mess. I need to clean up. Why don’t you meet the girls, and I’ll be there as quick as I can. We can’t all ride in your pickup anyway.”
“Berry wants to show off her new Taurus. She’s picking us up here.”
Hawk mentally cursed as he stomped across the porch and made a show of unlocking the door. There was no sign of Ramon when he entered.
“Damn, you keep a clean place,” Grove commented, looking around the spotless living room and wandering the rest of the small house. No doubt he was checking the place out. Hawk was pulling on a clean set of jeans when the women arrived in a bright red Ford. He scrambled to get outside before they could come in.
Grove was his usual lively self, and it proved infectious. Hawk tried calling the house with his special ring a couple of times, but there was no answer. The party accelerated. The four of them stopped just short of being blasted but escaped the place without getting into a fight, although Grove almost managed it a couple of times. Hawk breathed a silent prayer of thanks when Berry took them to her apartment.
The girls dropped them off at Hawk’s place well after midnight. Grove asked to come inside and use the restroom, although normally he wouldn’t have been bashful about watering the azaleas, if there had been any azaleas. Probably wanted to see inside of the house again. Grove left the bathroom door open while he pissed, sounding like a garden hose filling a galvanized bucket.
After his friend left, Hawk found Ramon hiding in the barn, cold and unhappy.
La Migra come for Ramon now?” the boy asked.
Hawk frowned. “No. INS isn’t coming. Why’d you ask that?”
“But Ramon have to go now.” The boy’s voice broke.
“Sooner or later you’ll have to, we both knew that,” Hawk said soothingly.
“Hawk no understand. Hawk compadre, he see Ramon.”
“Ramon hear truck. He go to window, pull back cortinas, and look right at this Grove. He look back at Ramon.”
“Shit!” Hawk swore.
“Ramon sorry.” He paused. “He muy handsome, that Grove. Pretty like Hawk, but not so big. Hawk do things with him?”
“But Hawk like to do it with him, no?” Ramon blurted, striking uncomfortably close to the truth.
“Ramon. I have a little savings. We can get you a place across the border. I’ll come be with you when I can.”
The look in the boy’s eyes went straight to Hawk’s heart. “Ramon no be Hawk’s puta.”
“Be reasonable, Ramon. Tomorrow Grove’s going to ask me about you. He thinks you’re an old girlfriend’s little brother. He’ll understand me helping you, but not living here indefinitely. It’s different now, kid. You’re a wanted fugitive. You escaped from custody. When they catch you, you’ll be sent to a federal prison. But if you’ll let me get you a place across the border—”
“No! Ramon no sit home and wait for Hawk. Ramon love Hawk. If no be in Hawk life, is better go back home to Durango.”
Hawk blinked as he saw something precious slipping away. “Look, we don’t have to do anything right away. Let’s think about it and do the rational thing.”
“Ramon leave while Hawk work tomorrow. Best.”
“Promise me you won’t do that. If you have to go back, I’ll take you myself. I don’t want you on that desert.” He tried to lighten the mood. “Let’s go to bed and talk again tomorrow.”

Grove was waiting for him in the parking lot the next morning. “You get rid of the Mexican kid?”
“Damn, Grove, I can’t just throw him to the wolves.”
“What’s the matter with you, Hawk? You’re jeopardizing your job, maybe even your freedom. Why didn’t you ask for my help? Don’t you trust me?”
Hawk stopped dead in his tracks. “That hurt, Grove. I didn’t to involve you because it might jeopardize your career? Helping Ramon is something I gotta do, but I can’t ask you to risk yourself.”
“That’s what friends are for. Anyway, you know you’ve got to do something, don’t you?”
Hawk sighed and accepted the reality of the situation. “I’ll take him back across tomorrow.”
“Better drive to California and take him across at Tijuana. Busier there. Nogales is too close. Word might get back to someone here.”
Hawk worked the day in what was just short of despair. Grove seemed to understand, because he kept talk to a minimum.
He was half-afraid Ramon would be gone when he got home that evening. Instead, the boy had cooked a good dinner, but Ramon’s eyes were puffy, and Hawk suspected he’d been crying.
Now, the kid tried to man-up. “When we go?”
“Early tomorrow. I’ll drive you to San Diego and we’ll cross at Tijuana. Where will you go, Ramon? What will you do?”
“Go home. Get job. Ramon damn good man, he find job.”
After dinner they cleaned the kitchen together and watched a little TV. Long before Hawk’s customary bedtime, Ramon looked over at him and put together a complete sentence in flawless English. “Will you make love to me?”
Without a word, Hawk led the youth to bed and mounted him gently, face-to-face, and with a smile his lips. Soon the joy of the occasion overtook the gravity of Ramon’s mood, and the boy returned the smile. The orgasm, when it came, was no less forceful because of the tender nature of their loving. Ramon stayed Hawk’s hand, keeping him from drawing the boy’s seed from his body. Ramon clasped him to his breast for a long time, neither speaking nor moving. At length, he released Hawk to go clean up.
While Hawk was in the shower, Ramon opened the curtain and stepped inside. Taking the soap from Hawk, he lathered his lover from pate to sole. He shyly asked Hawk to turn around and laved the deep cleft, soaping all the way to the sphincter. After he took a rag and rinsed away the soap, he spoke.
“Ramon never forget Hawk. He see bird high in air, he think of Hawk. He see falcon in tree, he ache for Hawk.”
Hawk leaned into the wall and parted his feet as Ramon hugged his back and thrust his groin at Hawk’s buns without penetrating them. The boy’s breath in his ear became ragged, his words unintelligible. Hawk understood his young lover was seeking a moment he could savor forever. Without thinking about it, he relaxed his muscles, parted his cheeks and endured the pain even as he savored the startled expression of disbelief and wonder escaping Ramon’s throat. Hawk sensed the boy becoming the man.
The beauty of Ramon’s parting gift bled Hawk’s strength away. Without warning, the boy exploded, shuddered, and withdrew. As Hawk turned to him, Ramon slid down the side of the shower all the way to the floor, his legs splayed in front of him, a look of utter joy on his face. Hawk joined him and held him close, allowing the spray of clean water to shower them anew.
Without understanding how, Hawk knew he’d made the future better for this beautiful Mexican youth. His mind centered on the boy’s name. Aguila… Eagle. This night, Ramon had become an Eagle for his Hawk.


Heartbreaking but tender ending, and one that is safer for Ramon… and incidentally, Hawk, as well. They government really does put some return offenders in federal prisons for stays of six months or longer. And often, young ones like Ramon are used violently by their older and stronger fellow inmates.

But what about Grove? What in the world’s going to happen there? And can you imagine the impact when… and if… two strong men like Curtis Huntinghawk and Grover Whitedeer get together? Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to posting that story.

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