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Hawk in the City (Part 3 of 3 parts), Post #112

I don’t think Hawk’s visit to the big city is going exactly the way he planned. Or perhaps he didn’t plan anything, just waited to see what would happen. Well, Sam the waiter happened. What will this final installment bring?


Hawk stared out early and mid-morning stopped at a rest stop where a young man walked up to the urinal beside him.
          “Saw you drive in. You’re headed south, aren’t you?”
          “Yeah,” Hawk said, looking over at the man. Mid-twenties, clean-shaven. Obviously spent a lot of time in the gym. His features were pleasant, no more. But his body was super.
          “Can I hook a lift? Busted, so I can’t help with the expenses, but I sure would appreciate it.”
          “Sure. Going that way anyway.”
          The man seemed relieved. “Thanks. I was beginning to worry about getting pinched for hitchhiking. I hear they’re tough about it in this state.”
          “Where you headed?” Hawk asked, walking to the sink to wash his hands.
          “Corpus Christi. On leave from the marines and headed home. Got in a poker game before I left and got cleaned out.” He gave a grin that made him better looking. “I’m not too good at poker. Name’s Hal.”
          Around noon Hawk pulled into a restaurant. Hal said he’d wait in the car. It was obvious the guy was really broke so Hawk didn’t argue. He went inside ordered two sandwiches, some fries, and drinks and hauled them back to the pickup.
          “Man, you didn’t have to do that,” the marine protested.
          “Gotta eat. Don’t like doing it alone, so take it and make me happy.”
          As they pulled out onto the highway again, Hal made an offer. “Hey, if I can help drive or give you a hand any other way, let me know. Got a valid Texas license.”
          Hawk nodded, but the phrase “or give you a hand any other way” kept rolling around in his head. Fifty miles down the road, he asked as casually as possible. “Give me a hand… how?”
           The marine shrugged. “Don’t know. You name it, and I’ll do it if I can.”
          “Man, I’m not very good at this,” Hawk observed.
          “Just spit it out, man. What you got in mind?”
          “You ever get with a guy?” Hawk blurted.
          The man studied the road for a long minute. “Never figured you for that. But yeah. Stationed in an embassy overseas. Not supposed to get involved with their women, so this buddy and me helped one another out. Without no women, what else you gonna do?” He looked at Hawk. “That what you want?”
          Hawk shrugged. “Just a thought.” He flushed beneath the gyrene’s gaze.
          “Sure, man. You a good-looking dude. What you want? Some head? I can do that.”
          “That’s what you did for one another?”
          “Yeah.” The moment grew awkward. “So what do we do, pull off on the desert somewhere.”
          “I guess,” Hawk said without much conviction. “Never done it in the open like this. Well, I have, but it was with a woman.”
          “You do this for a change of pace?”
          “Guess that’s it.” Hawk spotted a turnoff and followed it a mile or so off the highway. In the middle of nowhere, he turned his truck out onto the desert bed.
          “How we gonna do this?”
          “Shit, I don’t know,” Hawk replied, beginning to regret the whole thing… until the marine put a warm hand on his groin.
          “How about you come sit on the edge of the seat and I’ll stoop down?”
          The man unbuckled Hawk’s belt and stripped his trousers to his ankles. Hal gave a smile. “Never tried an uncircumcised one before.”
           “New experience.”
          Hal dropped to his knees and within moments, Hawk figured the guy had learned well on his gyrene buddy. He soon groaned and pumped his hips until it was over.
          “That okay?” Hal asked, standing. His jeans bulged.
          “Great!” Hawk touched the man’s fly. Hal leaned into his hand. Hawk studied the man’s clear blue eyes. “Can’t return the favor, but if you want to get it off, you can lean against me.”
          “Thanks,” Hal said, ripping open his fly. “You’re a sexy dude, Hawk. Glad you picked me up.” He pressed his back against Hawk’s chest and stroked himself. He laid his head against Hawk’s cheek and sighed. “Feels good, man.”
          Hawk ran his hand over the man’s torso, feeling the difference between him and the kid back in Phoenix. This was a man. With that realization, he began to get aroused again. Hal ground his butt against him, and before Hawk really understood what was happening, he was inside the hunky marine.
          “Oh, shit!” Hal murmured.
          Imprisoned between the car seat by the weight of the marine’s body, Hawk let Hal do all the work. The marine muttered, more than to Hawk, until he stiffened and let out a groan. The marine’s orgasm brought Hawk over the edge. Breathing hard, they remained cuddled against one another for a few minutes until Hawk reached behind the seat and drug out a canteen. Hal cleaned them both. There wasn’t as much awkwardness as with the kid in town, but there wasn’t any afterglow either. Hawk was glad the man was quiet when they were back on the road. Hawk made sure he had some eating money when he let Hal off at a truck stop on I-10.
           Arriving home in the early evening, Hawk unloaded the pickup, took a long, hot shower, and went to bed early to review the past few days. The trip hadn’t been a waste because he’d learned something about himself. Casual, promiscuous sex with males wasn’t his thing. It felt too sordid, wrong… sinful even. And that wasn’t right, because there was nothing wrong with what he’d had with beautiful Ramon and handsome Brit.
           Hawk rose with the morning star to sit on his front porch in the darkness and sip a cup of black coffee. This morning he’d go to work, and Grover Whitedeer would be there demanding to hear about his vacation. Handsome, sexy, funny Grove. Of course, there wasn’t much he could tell him except how great the Grand Canyon was.

I get the feeling Hawk’s finished experimenting. He now knows what… or who… he wants. As single-minded as he is, he’ll probably got at it with determination. Will it result in a love affair or a broken friendship?

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