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BLUE STONE AND RAVEN (Part 3 of 3 Parts), Post #97

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Oh, oh! Is it about to happen? Will Blue Stone permit Raven to “change his life forever?” The plainsman’s batting average is pretty good so far. So let’s take a look at the final installment.


The plains youth drew closer. Raven moved his lips over every part of Blue Stone’s face as if he were seeing with his mouth. Chills ran up and down Blue Stone’s backbone.
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When Raven leaned back on the blanket and nodded, Blue Stone went as slowly as his excitement would permit. He sampled every part of that hard, muscled body he could. He explored the deep belly button and twisted his tongue in the soft, black hair at the root of Raven’s staff. The Cotanee’s hands moved him to his core, and Blue Stone performed his act of adoration once again, gently bringing his lover to a climax. The thought struck him as strange. His lover. Why did he not feel shame? Why did the act give him joy? He only knew the truth of it, not the why of it.
Afterward, they bathed again before sitting in the shade and discussing Raven’s travels. Beyond this place, he found more rocky mountains with less food and forage. Great serpents lay coiled atop stones and strange lizards with bright, beaded skin waddled slowly out of the way of Whisper’s hooves. When Raven looked down upon a broad, endless plain with no visible life, he turned back.
During the hottest part of the day, Blue Stone slept in Raven’s arms, his slumber deep and peaceful. He woke when Raven stirred. They donned their moccasins and raced naked across the floor of the canyon. Blue Stone was fleeter, but Raven had greater stamina.
As evening came, Raven laid Blue Stone on his back and explored his body with gentle hands before covering him. The Pueblo youth’s lingering doubts fled into the night as Raven made love, capturing not just his body and his heart, but his very soul.
At length, the handsome warrior muttered something in his own tongue and spasmed in one final, mighty thrust. Then Raven relaxed, cloaking Blue Stone’s body with his own, his flesh warm, comforting. Blue Stone knew what his lover would say even before the words flowed from his mouth.
“Blue Stone, you came to me believing I was a supernatural and mave wonderful offerings to me. When I convinced you I was but a mortal, you willingly serviced me again. Despite my protestations that nothing would be the same, you gave me your fundament to seed with my sperm. You are mine now. Even though I return to my people far to the east, you are mine. Even though you cannot come with me, you are mine… as surely as I am yours. Because we have lain together, we both now understand better who we are. I am one who can take pleasure in a man’s body; you take pleasure in giving your body to a man.”
The handsome warrior paused briefly. “How beautiful you are, Blue Stone. Tonight I will mate with you once more, but tomorrow I must leave. Whisper is anxious to return home. When I am gone, you must go to this Ram Horn and gift him with your special beauty. Allow him to be a man for you, a lover for you.”
“But he may not wish it,” Blue Stone protested. “He may cast me aside, denounce me even.”
The Cotanee studied him intently. “Perhaps. But if he is worth the risk, then take it. Otherwise, you may miss a chance to love.”
“It won’t matter,” Blue Stone murmured, drawing Raven to him. “I will always have the memory of our love to sustain me,” he added, glorying in the touch of the magnificent, bronzed, young warrior.
In truth, Blue Stone was half-convinced the god-like youth had watched as a feathered raven from atop a stunted piñon while he and Ram Horn labored in the fields two days past.


Promises made and promises kept. But alas, the plainsman is returning to the plains, and the farmer will… do what? Approach Ram Horn? If so, how will the young Pueblo receive him? Perhaps that’s worth a story in the future. Let me know if you think so.

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