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BLUE STONE AND RAVEN (Part 2 of 3 Parts), Post #96
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Are you ready for the second installment of Raven’s and Blue Stone’s story of discovery? I can hardly wait to see what happens next. Oh, yeah! I wrote it, so I already know. Here’s the second installment to let you in on a little more of it.

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          At the end of the fourth day following his encounter with Raven, Blue Stone claimed the need for spiritual guidance, and announced his intent to seek another vision. His mother must have wondered what sort of vision her son sought since he departed with a sack of food rather than seeking spirituality from physical deprivation.
          When he arrived at the remote waterhole, Blue Stone suffered a bitter disappointment. Raven was not there. Deciding to make camp and wait, Blue Stone erected a lean-to from rocks, a few crooked sticks, and a blanket to break the force of the sun. After he ate and bathed, he slept.
          Early the next morning he woke to find Raven watching from astride Whisper a lazy rock’s throw away. “I was afraid you would not come,” the Pueblo boy said.
          “I gave my word. Have you thought on what we did and what I said?”
          “Yes. Endlessly,” Blue Stone responded, standing boldly before the young plainsman. “I would taste you again first, and then I will do whatever you ask. I will be woman to your man.”
          “So be it,” Raven said, leaping from his horse and clasping Blue Stone by the shoulders briefly. "But first, I will tend my pony and wash myself.”
          “Tend your pony, Warrior, but I will wash you and feed you. Then I will feast upon you.” Blue Stone did not quite believe the boldness of his words.
          He watched curiously as Raven curried his handsome spotted mount with a handful of weeds and grass and came to understand the importance of the pony when the beast was allowed to water before Raven slaked his own thirst.
          When Whisper nuzzled Blue Stone’s chest, Raven nodded approvingly. “You should be honored. He does not accept mortals well. He’s too haughty. Knows he’s better than most of us.”
          “Do you think I could learn to ride him?”
          “He doesn’t let just anyone ride him. You’d have to be strong and confident. He won’t put up with timid riders.”
           Apparently, Blue Stone was a timid rider, or perhaps he was distracted by Raven’s hand on his butt boosting him aboard the pony. At any rate, Whisper simply shrugged him into the waterhole. He rose sputtering and indignant. Ignoring Raven’s delighted laughter, Blue Stone climbed upon a rock and seated himself again. He rolled in the canyon’s dirt this time, turning into a mud ball, but it took longer for Whisper to dislodge him. He was thrown four times before the pony decided Blue Stone was worthy of his back. Thereafter, the beast ignored his timid hold on the reins and walked to a thin stand of grass, burying his nose in it. It was enough. Blue Stone had ridden the four-legged.
          When Raven clapped Blue Stone on the back and made fun of his riding style, Blue Stone had no compunction about tumbling the youth in the dirt. They roughhoused, feeling one another out, establishing a pecking order. The farmer gave the warrior more of a battle than expected. They finished their play at the edge of the waterhole.
          Sobering, Blue Stone pulled his stores from a cotton sack, and they ate. It was Blue Stone’s turn to laugh at the face Raven made upon tasting the hot Spanish peppers for the first time. The Cotanee lay in the pool for a time cooling his tongue in the water while Blue Stone chortled.
          After their meal, the Pueblo boy unfastened Raven’s breechcloth. When the warrior was naked, Blue Stone took soap weed from his bag and covered Raven with suds from head to toe. When they were both clean, Blue Stone led Raven to a blanket spread beneath the crude shelter where Raven drew him close. Naked flesh touching naked flesh stole Blue Stone’s breath.
          At his gasp, Raven spoke. “Have you never lain with anyone?” Blue Stone, his face against the hollow of Raven’s neck, muttered a denial. “No girls? No boys?”
          “No, but I have this one friend, Ram Horn. He’s handsome like you are. I think about him like I do you, but we never do anything about it.”
          “Would you like to do for him what you did for me?”
          “If you were gone from my life,” Blue Stone said, “then I would like to do it for him.”
          “Is this Ram Horn handsome? Well-formed?”
          Blue Stone nodded into his shoulder. “Yes. But not as handsome and well-formed as you, Raven.”


So Raven kept his promise to return. He’s kept one vow, how about the other? To lie like a man with his woman and change Blue Stone’s life forever. If he does, will Blue Stone permit it? Regret it? Glory in it? And if it’s the latter, what does the future hold to the two young men from enemy tribes? Come for a look-see on October 3 to find out.

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