Sunday, January 1, 2017


Another short, short this week. Enjoy.
     Asher noted how quiet the locker room was after he turned off the shower. He’d stayed late in last period PE to take some extra laps around the track. He wasn’t a good runner, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. He turned to reach for his towel and froze. Jack Jaxon, naked but for a towel snugged around his trim waist, stood in front of the shower stall. Jack the Jock was the best looking, buffest, sexiest guy in school.
     “Oh!” Ash exclaimed. “Didn’t know anyone else was here.”
     “Tell me something, guy. How come you’re a fag?”
     Ash’s knees went weak. Oh crap! This could turn bad. “Don’t have any idea. I’m just who I am, that’s all.”
     “So you’re admitting it.”
     He reached over and grabbed a towel from the peg and started drying off. He’d be in for it if he got a bone in front of this stud, and the towel would be good cover. “Not admitting anything. If you’ll move out of the way, I’ll get dressed.”
     “Yeah. I think you just admitted it.”
     Neither of them spoke for a minute, but Ash couldn’t keep from examining the handsome guy from beneath lowered lashes. Then Jack spoke again.
     “I got a snapshot of Wilma’s boobs in my wallet. You wanna see it?”
Wilma was half of the school’s power couple. The hunky guy standing in front of him was the other half.
     Ash’s head shook before he worked up enough saliva to answer. “No, thanks.”
     “You rather look at these, huh?” Jack ran his hands over his pecs. Jack’s voice hardened. “I said take a look.”
     Swallowing hard, he did just that. Stared at two sexy, slabbed muscles with an enchanting dark aureole in the middle of each.
     Jack laughed. “I also got a picture of Wilma naked. With her legs spread. I'll give you a peek?”
     Ash decided on honesty. “Yuk.”
     “Yeah, I figured. You’d rather see this, wouldn’t you?”
     The jock deliberately unfastened his towel and dropped it to the floor. Ash couldn’t help himself. He stared at the exciting tube of flesh hanging from a black-pelted groin.
     “I thought so,” Jack said with an odd pitch to his voice. “Well, take a good look. Hell, you can even touch it.”
     Ash thought for a long moment before falling to his knees. This could be a trap. An invitation to a beating.
     But it wasn’t.
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