Thursday, December 1, 2016

Give the Man His Jollies

Another short, short this week. Hope you enjoy it.

I first saw him in profile standing on the sidewalk as I exited Macy’s in Coronado Center. Normally, I can take a handsome guy or leave him, but this one rocked me on my heels. I did an about face and retreated behind the glass doors to observe not only one of the handsomest men I’d ever seen but also one of the sexiest. I took a moment to drink him in. Early twenties, clear brown skin that didn’t owe all of its coloring to the sun—Spanish blood?—thick black hair that tended to curl at the end. His white polo shirt hugged a tapered torso with a faint six-pack. And the rest…oh my word. The rest was as breathtaking as the other parts.
He was looking up and down the service road, making me panic as I realized he was waiting for someone to pick him up. He glanced at a watch on his wrist. Would he leave before I worked up the courage to speak to him? Usually careful… even shy… about approaching strangers, I tossed caution to the winds in the face of such masculine beauty, pushing through the doors once again to walk up and ask his name. He turned big eyes the color of French silk chocolate on me.
“Ace. My name’s Ace. Do I know you?”
“No, but I’d like to know you. My name’s Clark. You look like a man in need of a ride.”
“A buddy was supposed to pick me up, but we got our wires crossed somehow.”
“I nodded over his shoulder. My car’s right over there. What say we get in it and go have some jollies.”
A huge grin split his fantastic lips. “Jollies. I love jollies.”
“Then let’s go, my man. I know where to find a bunch of them.”
“Sounds good.”
I’m reluctant to take casual pickups to my home, but once again, this guy threw me off my game. I wanted privacy with an uncommonly handsome man who was as enthusiastic about getting his jollies as I was.
Ace looked a little disconcerted when I parked in my driveway on Monaco SE, but bounded out of the car when I said, “Okay, let’s go get those jollies.”
I ushered him inside and indicated a left turn at the hallway. “Bedroom’s down there.”
“Yep. That’s where we’re gonna get our jollies.”
“Oh. Okay.”
He followed me down the hall and into my master bedroom, halting beside the bed as I stripped off my shirt. “All right, let’s get naked.”
“That’s the best way to get those jollies.”
Looking uncertain, he peeled that form-fitting shirt over his head, leaving me speechless.”
“All of them?” he asked. I’ll swear he was totally oblivious to how breathtaking he was.
“Ever stitch and then on the bed.”
He silently complied and glanced shyly at me from beneath long, sable lashes as I approached as bare-assed as he was. He licked his lips. “We’re gonna get jollies, right?”
“Oh, yeah. We gonna get lots of jollies. All you can handle.”
Ace was very compliant but not at all aggressive. He did only what I asked, but he did that very well. I’d never had a more competent lover in all my thirty years. I pleasured him and then he pleasured me. And then we did it all over again. At the end of that, I toppled off him and collapsed on the bed with my head on his outstretched arm. Totally sated and uncommonly comfortable with the amazing young man beside me, I suffered none of the post- coitus anxiety that often comes with boffing strangers. I could have remained there indefinitely, lying with our thighs and calves touching.
After a few minutes, I sensed impatience in my new best friend. “What’s the matter?”
“What about our jollies?”
I sat up in bed and glanced down, almost losing the ability to speak as I took in anew his comeliness. “O-our jollies? My god, man, we did about everything known to man. But if you need more, I’ll try." I moved to lower my head to his groin. His hands on my shoulders stopped me. 
“Not that. My jollies.” He blinked at me through those magnificent eyes and made a small circle with his thumb and index finger. "You know, jollies. I like the red ones best. And the lemons, too. Not much for the black ones, but they’re better than nothing.”
I almost choked but kept my composure. “You mean jelly beans? Jellies?”
That winning smile again. “Yeah. That’s it, jelly beans.”
“Okay we’ll get you some jelly beans. A whole bag, if you want.”
As he started to rise from the bed, I put a palm to his chest. “But if you want your jellies next week, you’re going to have to do better.”
My insides turned to butter as he answered. “Okay. I’ll try harder.” 
Oh, my word. In my dreams! I once had almost what Clark found, but alas, it doesn’t last forever, does it? If you want to describe your Ace, you can reach me at

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