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Interregnum, A Curt Huntinghawk Story, Finalé, Post #132


Are things getting out of hand? Is Hawk getting in too deep? Will Grove return, and will the two of them be okay if he does? All questions will be answered below.


* * * * *

INTERREGNUM, A Curt Huntinghawk Story, Finalé

 Hawk backed off a little the next morning; he understood last night had been different for Luis. He was getting in too deep with this handsome teenager. Unable to get out and mix with his peers, the boy was attaching himself too closely. Hawk recognized their relationship could not be sustained unless he could give himself over to the boy unreservedly. And he could not. He hoped, prayed…knew that Grove would return, and Grove held Hawk’s heart in his hand. Even so, his feelings for the boy were growing to the point that he was beginning to feel a sense of betrayal. His and Grove’s agreement was for relieving stress, not developing an intense new relationship.

As a defensive measure, Hawk found a chore Saturday afternoon to take him away from the house. When he returned he knew immediately that something had happened. The boy looked sullen, almost angry.

“You have a call on the answering machine,” Luis said bitterly. Hawk understood immediately. “Your girlfriend.” Luis spat, stalking from the room.

Hawk listened to the recoding with a mounting sense of dismay as Grove’s beautiful voice gave him a progress report. Mother still stabilized. Looking better. See the light at the end of the tunnel. Then the declarations of love, the description of intimacies. The boy had heard it all.

Luis did not answer his knock, so Hawk entered the room without an invitation. The boy lay on his side facing the wall. “Sorry you heard that,” Hawk said softly in his deep voice, “but now you know.”

“Your girlfriend is a man,” came a muffled voice.

“Yes, he is. And a hell of a man.”

“You…you are a maricon…a queer?”

“I suppose,” Hawk agreed, “although there are a lot of women who would disagree with you.”

The boy turned to face him. “I knew it. You like the girls, too?”

“Until I met Grove. I love him, Luis.”

“But you still betrayed him with me.”

“No, I didn’t. I told you there were limits to what I could do. That was my agreement with Grove. We knew we couldn’t do without indefinitely, and we didn’t know when he could come back. So we set the rules.”

“You…you have a picture of him? The picture over the fireplace!” he said in sudden comprehension. “¡Aieee! He is handsome. As handsome as you. Was he the first time with a man for you?”

“No.” Hawk sat on the side of the bed and explained about Ramon and Wolverine and Grove.

“And now me,” the boy finished for him. “I love you, Hawk.”

“And I’m fond of you, Luis Carlos Delgado y Ortiz. If I’d met you first, I’d probably have fallen in love with you. But I didn’t, and Grove holds my heart.”

“And this Grove, you do everything for him?” Hawk nodded. “And does he do it for you?” Hawk nodded again. "And it is good with him?”

Hawk closed his eyes for a moment. “Yes. Very good. He opened his eyes and looked at the fetching youth. “This is getting too intense. Tomorrow I’ll drive you back to the border and escort you across, so you won’t be caught by INS.”

“Not yet!” Luis begged.

“You can’t hide out in my house indefinitely. You have to leave sometime. This way you won’t have a record, and maybe you can come back legally.”

“I understand that, mi amor,” Luis said, looking as if the words of endearment surprised him as much as Hawk. “I mean, I know I have to go, but I need to make plans. Give me one more week, no?”

In the end, Hawk agreed. That night Luis came to his bed. The boy crawled naked beneath the sheet and draped himself across the Indian.

“Do not be mad at me, Hawk,” Luis begged. “Let me give my love while I can.” Without waiting for a reply, the teen placed his mouth on Hawks and kissed him deeply… desperately. He permitted Luis his way.

Later, Hawk woke when the boy fingered him. When he was rampant, Luis dsy up and peered through the darkness.

“Do it to me, Hawk. Please! Let me feel what it’s like from someone I love!” The boy trembled with anticipation.

Hawk rolled them over and kissed the boy deeply. Then he excited the slim body with his mouth, touching, sucking, tasting everything. Finally, when Luis said he couldn’t stand it any longer, he parted the boy’s legs and began a slow insertion, talking and cooing Luis through the initial pain, pausing only when he was all the way in. He rested, caressing the boy’s face and wiped beads of perspiration from his smooth, young brow.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

Luis loosed a smile and locked his legs around Hawk’s waist.

Hawk moved slowly and gently at first, gradually increasing the intensity and velocity of his thrusts.

Luis cried his amazement and bucked against him enthusiastically. Far too early, the boy cried out in the throes of an orgasm. Hawk almost lost it, but by force of will, he continued to pump his hips, helping the boy through his orgasm. And then, he achieved his own.

“Oh, Hawk!” Luis cried. “That was incredible! I love you, mi amor! You do it so good! I didn’t know it could be like that. I didn’t know. I… didn’t… know.”


 Hawk wasn’t certain he would live through the week. Luis looked down his patrician nose and claimed his body every night. Hawk started going to the Mesa with some of the guys so that the kid wouldn’t try to slip in a matinee performance. He could have put a stop to it at any time, but he didn’t. He understood that the boy was in love… probably for the first time in his life. He knew that Luis recognized it was a doomed affair but hungered for what he could get in the short time they had.

One night, Hawk came home from the Blue Mesa to find Luis gone. The boy’s spare clothes were still there, so he hadn’t run off. Thirty minutes later, the illegal appeared, looking sheepish. He’d gotten cabin fever and sneaked out to meet a few kids his own age. Hawk didn’t lecture his young friend, but he explained that if Luis were caught, there was nothing he could do to help.

As the weekend approached, Luis became morose. Hawk understood. Friday night, they made intense love, the boy giving it everything he had.

The boy grew jubilant when Hawk’s boss asked him to work Saturday because of a rumored drug run from Flora Tulipán. Hawk knew that meant they would drive to El Paso on Sunday rather than Saturday, but he held his tongue.

The rumored drug run turned out to be just that…a rumor. Nonetheless, Hawk was late getting home because they’d stayed in place well into the evening. The house was dark and silent. There was no sign of Luis. Hawk cursed silently, disappointed that his warnings had gone unheeded. The boy’s clothing was still in the bedroom, so he’d show up. But he did not. Around midnight, Hawk drove around town vainly looking for the boy.

Sunday came and went without any sign of Luis. Sunday night, Hawk accepted the obvious. Luis had been caught. The Indian was surprised at the depth of his depression. The kid had gotten under his skin. Monday morning on the way to work, Hawk drove by the INS confinement quarters. There in a corner, hugging the fence and staring out at freedom, stood a forlorn Luis. Hawk parked briefly at the curb about ten feet away. It was a mistake. The despair filling the boy’s big eyes tore at his heart. With a barely raised hand, Luis acknowledged everything. He hadn’t listened. He’d made a mistake. He was sorry. He knew he was on his own. He loved Hawk. The Indian nodded imperceptibly, threw the truck in gear, and pulled away.

He was a bear that day. His usual unruffled calm slipped to the point that he spoke sharply to Robert once while they were on the trail of a mule. Hawk finally acknowledged that he had suffered a loss. It would have been different had he been able to deliver Luis safely back to his own country. The boy would get home, but on INS terms. Hawk wondered if he’d made the possibility of rape more frightening or more acceptable to the handsome young man.

That night when the phone rang, he snatched it up, half hoping it was Luis; knowing it would not be.

“Hello, Hawk!” came the beloved voice of Grove Whitedeer. “How’d you like a roommate?”

Hawk’s heart soared. Luis was a part of the past now, made that by circumstances and the boy’s careless actions. Hawk’s present, his future, was speaking now, excitedly making plans to return.

‘I’ll have to room with you from now on,” Grove said. “Gotta send a good part of my paycheck back here for mom’s care. Don’t know how long it’ll go on, but as long as it does, I’m gonna have to mooch off you. I’ll carry what load I can. Probably have to get a second job, but—”

“Shut up, Grove! Stop talking about mooching, and start talking about sharing. What I have is yours so long as you get your skinny butt back here. I still remember it from the day you left.”

“God, it’ll be good to get back! But you were right. I had to come. It’s been better between me and my family. Thanks for understanding.”

“Well, I’m gonna have to ask for some of yours,” Hawk said.

“Oh, shit! What was he, a wetback? Did…did you…”

“No, I kept our agreement, but I let him worm his way into my life more than I expected."

“He still there?”

“No, got himself caught. He’s gone, but you had to know. Uh…”

“I’m gonna shock the shit outa you, Hawk. But there hasn’t been anybody. I’ve stored up a load for you, and I’ll have you crying for mercy within twenty-four hours!”

“Don’t pick up a pail you can’t carry,” Hawk said with a broad smile.

“I’ll carry it, but I hope you can.”

“God, I love you, Grove!”

“I love you, too, Hawk. And I’ll prove it in a week!”

A week! A whole damned week! Maybe he could survive until then… just barely, he decided.


* * * * *


A little long, but I hope you waded through it. It seems things came out okay in the end. We’ll take a rest from Hawk and Grove, but one day, maybe we’ll see what comes next.


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