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Huntinghawk and Wolverine (Part 3 of a 5-Part Story), Post #107

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NOTE: For the remainder of the segments in this story, I’m posting one at 6:00 a.m. each Thursday. Once the five-parter is finished, I’ll revert to my 1irst and third Thursday schedule.

Last episode, Hawk and Wolverine, a man named Brit Guerrero met face to face. In fact, when we left them, they were in Hawk’s house sizing one another up. What in the world will come of it? Read on.


           “After I shot you and stripped you, I thought seriously about fucking you. But I don’t get off on passed out partners.”
          “I’m thankful for your sensitivity,” Hawk said wryly.
          “Don’t be. I knew I’d have to kill you if I did. Thought you might be more interesting alive.”
          “Mistake, Wolverine. I’m the one gonna bust you. I’m making you a promise. I’ll get you. I haven’t told anybody I know who you are, and I’m not going to,” Hawk said. “Because I’m going to be the one who gets you locked up for a long time.”
          “You’ll try, but you won’t make it. But I don’t want to talk about that. I like you, Hawk. Let’s talk about what you did to that Mexican.”
          “That Mexican, as you call him, was a decent kid. And if we did anything, it was private.”
          ‘You did something, Hawk. And I sure would like to have been a fly on the wall. That would have been something to see?”
          “You like to watch guys screw women too?”
          “Naw, I like to screw not watch. But there’s something about you. You’re all man. Handsome, built… but there’s something there. I think you turned that kid every way but loose.”
          “But you’ll never know, will you?”
          “Aw, come on. I opened up to you. Only fair you do the same.”
          “Not interested in being fair, Wolverine. Just in taking you down.”
          “Well, you won’t. But I admit I get a charge out of you. Just can’t figure out what we’d do if we got it on. I mean, I get the feeling we’d both be after the same thing.”
          “I’m not after anything of yours?”
          “Oh yeah?” the man said, standing suddenly. “Wanna measure?”
          Hawk rose. “Wouldn’t want to embarrass you.”
          Wolverine walked aggressively around the table and grabbed Hawk’s crotch. The grope became a caress.
          Hawk shrugged. “Like you say, what are we going to do?”
          “We’ll figure out something,” Wolverine answered, licking his handsome lips and panting a little. He clawed Hawk’s shirt open and laid a hand against his naked breast. “What the fuck?” the man said to himself. “What is it about you Hawk? I never fooled around with a man before!”
          “Neither had I until…” Hawk allowed his voice to die. Damn, he’d made an admission.
          Wolverine’s eyes blazed. “I knew it! How was the little fucker in bed?”
          Hawk met his gaze. “Like nothing I’ve ever had before. Better than any woman.”
          “Shit!’ the other man said, fumbling with Hawk’s sweat cutoffs. “I knew it! I almost came down and got him myself until I saw you move. Shit, Hawk!” It was a muted plea. Against his better judgment, Hawk made no move to stop the man from stripping him. As he stepped from his shorts, Hawk submitted to Wolverine’s hungry examination. “Damn, you’re handsome. Bet the girls go crazy. Bet the little Mexican did, too. What’d he do for you?”
          Hawk reached for his shorts. Wolverine gripped his wrist aggressively. Hawk froze, his hackles rising. The man released him.
          “Sorry. Just… let me look. Touch, maybe.”
          Hawk shrugged and stood without moving while Wolverine examined him like a cook poking a porker. Wolverine stood close behind him, his hands still busy.
          “Man…man, I want…I want…” Wolverine mumbled. Suddenly, he tore off his own clothing and leaned against Hawk. “Do something to me, Hawk?”
          “Anything. I don’t care. I just… I just want to do something with you. Touch me, man!”
          Hawk turned into his embrace and surprised the man, pulling his head forward and covering his lips with his own. Wolverine gasped and then submitted. In moments, he was kissing back, his tongue exploring, brushing against Hawk’s, seeking, plunging. When they parted, there was a perplexed look in the man’s eyes.
          “My God!” he mumbled. “Didn’t know men did that. Shit, what am I saying? I don’t know anything.”
          Hawk backed off. “Then why.…”
          “Because of you, you good-looking bastard!” Wolverine pulled him close again. “I’ve never wanted a man before! I’ve never noticed a man’s muscles , but the way they play in your back when you walk… it gets to me. I’ve never looked at a man’s fly and wanted to see what’s behind it. And it all started that day you put your arm around that kid and he put his arm around your naked body. I knew you were just supporting one another, but it set me on fire! Dammit, do something, Hawk! Do something!”
          Hawk did. He pushed the naked man into the living room and bent him over the back of an overstuffed chair. Ignoring first the protests and then cries of pain that morphed into shrieks of ecstasy he laid into the hunky man submitting to him. He worked up a sweat, but he kept on thrusting, driving himself resolutely toward ejaculation. He only faltered when he realized he wanted… needed this as much as Wolverine. But he recovered and resumed his assault. It slowly penetrated his brain that Wolverine was crying for more. So he gave him more until that moment arrived, and he reached orgasm. Wolverine’s climax was right behind his.
          Loud grunts and groans subsided into gasps for air and panting. Finally, Hawk couldn’t resist taunting the other man.
          “Was that what you wanted, Wolverine.
          “Damn, can’t you even call me Brit… at least when we’ve just moved mountains?”
          “Did your mountain move? Mine’s sitting right over yonder where it’s always been.”
          Wolverine swiped at his damp chest and reached for his clothes. “Yeah, right. They moved all right, both of them. You were shouting as loud as I was.”
          “Maybe… Brit.”
          “There you go, you can say it. We gonna do that again?”
          “Not tonight.”
          “I’ll take that as a promise.”
          “Brit… Wolverine, I’m making you only one promise. I’m gonna take you down.”
          The other man smiled and touched Hawk’s shoulder. “So long as you take me down the way we just did, that’s a deal.” Then his face half-clouded. “I can’t believe I let you do that. What are you, a fucking witch? Shit, Hawk, you better not ever tell anyone, or I’ll kill you… for real this time.”
          After Wolverine left, Hawk pulled on his sweat-cutoffs and T-shirt before sitting down at the computer. Within minutes, he copied down Brit Guerrero’s address and telephone number on a scrap of paper. As he sat back considering what had happened and grappled with how he felt about it, Hawk’s eyes fell on his boots. Damn! How was he going to explain how he recovered his boots?

Looks like Hawk took control of the situation, and Wolverine left having second thoughts about what he'd submitted to. Does that worry Hawk? I guess not, he was thinking of how he could explain the return of his stolen boots when we last saw him.

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