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Headhunter – Aftermath, Post #92

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Diego has had his revenge on each of the men who gang raped him, so what more is there to say? Well, sometimes actions have consequences. Read on.



Saturday morning, Diego woke feeling depressed. It was as if revenge had given him a goal, a meaning to his life besides eating, sleeping, and working. Now, that was gone. He didn’t even get any satisfaction from remembering how he’d evened the score.
He’d just finished a long, hot shower when the doorbell rang. He wrapped a towel around his middle and opened the door a crack. Rocco stood there with a bag in his hand.
“I come in peace, man.”
Diego stepped back to admit Rocco before returning to the bathroom to comb his hair. He ditched the towel and shrugged into a robe.
“You like Chinese?” the handsome young man asked as Diego came back into the room.
“Yeah, sure.”
“Got some Dim Sum.” Rocco removed a couple of steamer baskets from the bag.
“What kind?”
“Usual kind. Pork and cabbage, mini Cantonese spring rolls, taro coquettes. That kind of thing. For dessert, I brought egg custard and mango pudding, your choice.”
“Let me get dressed.”
“The robe’s okay. Don’t want to let the stuff get cold.”
Still wary, Diego brought out some utensils and napkins and they settled in the living room on the couch to eat off the coffee table. The food was good, and they ate in silence for a moment.
         “Sorry I didn’t bring tea,” Rocco said. “They say in China Dim Sum is always served with tea. Dim Sum…that means “to touch your heart,” you know.
         “What are you doing here, Rocco? You sure as shit didn’t come to break bread and educate me on Chinese Dim Sum.”
         “I don’t know why I’m here. It’s just that….” His voice trailed off. He tried again. “It’s just that I keep thinking about when I crawled in that motel bed with you. I wished it had been another way. You know, without those other guys gawking and you being out of it.”
         “So you’re saying you liked it?”
         “Hell, no!” He started to get his back up, but relaxed. “Yeah. I did. I’d already decided I was going to try it again after I whipped your ass at the gym the other night”
         “But you didn’t whip my ass.”
         “No. So I wondered. Well, I wondered how you felt about it when you…you know.”
         “You got a double helping of me. I only got a blow from you.”
         Rocco flushed. “Yeah. I know. But still—”
         “I felt the same way. I wished it had been under other circumstances.”
         “These are other circumstances.”
         “Yeah. And you do owe me a turn.”
         Rocco stood abruptly. “Shit, what am I doing? I’m willing to bet a month’s pay you’re a man… a real man. And I know for damned sure I am. So what’s going on?”
         Diego shrugged. “I guess we’re learning something about ourselves we didn’t know.”
         Rocco reached out and pulled Diego’s robe open for a long, frank look. The man shook his head. “Hell, I’m getting steamed just looking at you.”
         “You have me at a disadvantage.”
         Rocco tore his shirt over his head, slipped out of his loafers, and dropped his trousers. Diego responded immediately.
         Rocco’s shoulders drooped. “What do we do now?”
         Diego stepped forward and put his arms around the other man. “Whatever we feel like, I guess. He put his lips to Rocco’s. The man flinched for a moment, and then put his hand behind Diego’s head and drew him into a hard kiss. Their tongues did battle with one another. After a long moment, they parted.
         “Shit!” Rocco said.
         “I’m doomed. I’ve never felt a kiss like that one.”
         Diego brushed a hand over his eyes. “Me neither.”
         “And from a dude, too. A hunky dude.” He held Diego at arm’s length for a moment and then said, “A hunky dude with fur on his chest and spots in his hair and eyes that glow in the dark. What’s with that, anyway?”
         “My grandfather was a jaguar, didn’t you know that?” Diego pulled Rocco back to him.
         Later, after he stopped panting from a dynamite ejaculation, Diego looked at his partner's loopy smile. "What are you thinking?"
         “We’re even,” the saturnine young man said. “Next time, it’s my turn.”

Well, Whadda ya know? Those two macho men did manage to get together again. And it sounds as if it’s gonna happen again and again and….

Sigh. Would it were me!

Remember, I will now return to my regular posting schedule for August. See you then.

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