Thursday, February 7, 2019

A Crap Load of Sorrys, Post #77

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Lord a Mercy, I missed a posting deadline. But I have an excuse and beg your forgiveness. (By the way, is the plural of Sorry… Sorries or Sorrys? Have no idea. Okay, enough stalling.

Last Friday morning, I turned in front of a woman when I shouldn’t have and paid the price for it. My car was declared DOA. I figured my carcass survived. Assumptions are not always safe. By Saturday morning, I knew I had to do the thing I loathe most, and that is go to the Emergency Ward at the local VA hospital.

I figured they’d look me over, wave a wand, maybe prescribe some medication, and send me home. Not so. The admitted me to the hospital for “internal bleeding.” How bad can that be? A day in the hospital I can stand. Loll around in bed. Issue orders to nurses both male and female. Then go home and take care of business. Not so. They kept me until noon today, after they administered a CAT scan on my head, my abdomen, did two blood transfusions, an endoscopy, and a colonoscopy.

While they fiddled around, I missed my posting date for the blog. And that’s where the crap load of sorrys comes in. Sorry, guys.

You want some advice? Don’t become involved in a car wreck.

Please allow me to slack off until the 3rd Thursday of the month.

Amazon permits you to read a short passage of my novels, Cut Hand and Johnny Two-Guns. I also believe the STARbooks-published River Otter, Echoes of the Flute, and Medicine Hair are still up. I sure would like to get the final book in the Cut Hand Series, Wastelakapi… Beloved, published, but it’ll take some help from readers to get Dreamspinner interested.

My contact information is provided below in case anyone wants to drop me a line:
Website and blog:
Twitter: @markwildyr

The following are buy links for CUT HAND:

And now my mantra (yes, it’s mine, even if I borrowed it from Don Travis): Keep on reading. Keep on writing. You have something to say, so say it!

Until next time.


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