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Wired (Part 2 of 2 Parts), Post #74

Last week, Rick worked his butt off… only to be frustrated. I wonder how he does in the finale? Enjoy.
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I ran around the next day pissed as hell. Needing to get Dave alone again before he washed all of his shorts, I talked him into swinging by the Corner Pocket, our favorite watering hole, for a few drinks before going home to watch a ball game…there had to be a ball game on TV somewhere.
I kept my hands off the rheostat in my pocket until we were on our last drink. Then I set him to squirming in his seat like crazy. When he started looking over the crowd, I chugged my glass and declared it was time to go.
“Maybe we oughta stay awhile. I’m feeling like some action again. We oughta pick up a couple of girls and take them with us. Shit, Nick, I feel like a teenager again.”
He grumbled some, but I got us out of there in about two minutes flat. Man, I was home free! I turned up the control a little and saw him dig at himself. Maybe I was pushing it. I eased off the power.
Home free, my ass! We turned the corner of the building and walked right into the arms of a couple of girls…working girls. We’d seen them at the bar several times and never took a second look. But old Dave’s pump was primed, and he wasn’t about to waste a water bucket. He started negotiating right away, and by the time my head stopped spinning, we were loaded in his convertible and headed for a motel.
Dave called Saturday afternoon to set up a bowling gig. Tomorrow would be the fifth day since I wired his shorts, and I was getting desperate. Dave, a clean-freak, wouldn’t wear his underwear more than once before throwing them in the washer. I had to make a move…excuse me, another move soon.
Fortunately, most of the bowlers were guys. I got one scare when he went into a huddle with an old girlfriend who sauntered by. She was with somebody, so that didn’t develop into anything, thank goodness. I kept my hands off the rheostat in my pocket until the last frame. Then I couldn’t resist it; I gave him a shot as he went for a spare…and the lead. I must have overdone it because he step-stuttered and rolled a gutter ball.
“Shit!” he yelped…and dug at himself.
Since I had no way to confess my unintentional sabotage, I accepted the ten dollars we’d waged and offered to buy the beer. He was literally squirming in his seat by the time we finished and went out to the parking lot.
“Man, I don’t know what’s the matter with me. I walk around with a hard-on all the time. Guess it’s the new freedom since the divorce.” Concentrating my energy in getting him loaded in my car, I merely mumbled a reply. About halfway home, he slapped the dash. “Man, I can’t go sit in front of a television. I need some action!”
 “You’re going to wear it down to a nub if you don’t slow down some. You’ve had more nookey this week than you had all last month.”
He giggled. “All last year. I’m turning into a nymphomaniac. Do they have male nymphos? Anyway, I can’t get enough.”
Surreptitiously, I fingered the dial and turned up the power slightly. Tonight was the night my investment in wired underwear would pay off in spades! Well, in mattresses, anyway.
As we crossed the city park, he yelled for me to stop. Startled, I stood on the brakes. He bolted out the door and headed off into the trees. I caught up with him when he came to a halt and hunched over, hands on his knees.
“What’s the matter?”
“Shit, I don’t know. I got so antsy, I had to get out and move. Fuck, Rick, I gotta walk or something.” Trusting me to follow, he set off at a half-trot, slowing after a few steps to allow to catch up. I wondered if I should take his hand or something. No, of course not; he was horny, not in love.
“Somebody’s coming,” he said, motioning with his head toward two shadowy figures.
“That’s okay. They’ll pass us by.”
As they drew closer, it was apparent they were kids from the college a few blocks away. Two young guys out looking for something.
“You think they’re cruising gays?”
My mind froze. All I could manage was to mutter. “Maybe.”
“Think we should give it a try? You know, something different?”
I managed to get my tongue unglued from the roof of my mouth and stutter, “H-hell, if that’s what you want, I can do that for you. I-I sorta been thinking about it.”
 “Well, shit, Rick, why didn’t you say so?” My mouth dropped open. Be damned! The fucking wired shorts worked! “My house or your?” he asked.
“Mine’s closer.”
Wonder of wonders, it was as grand as I’d anticipated. More so. Worries about post coital regret eased when he called to me from the shower.  “Hey, Ricky! Come on in here, and I’ll show you what I’ve fantasized about for years.”
          Stumbling out of bed, I tripped over his abandoned clothing and did a double-take at his shorts. His cranberry red shorts. That wasn’t a pair I’d wired. I laughed aloud before rushing to join him in the shower.
How about that? A home run! And it looks like their friendship survived. Maybe even grew closer.

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