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Marco? Polo!, Post #68

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“Waders” received some nice comments on my personal email address. Strange how things work. Page views from the US barely outstripped Spain over the past 30 days with China falling third. But high up there on the list were hits from “Unknown Region.” This raises a question in my mind. Can aliens be reading my posts? You know, otherworldly aliens. If so, know that you’re welcome.

This week, let’s try another trip down memory lane.


          If you want my advice, don’t ever get tagged as part of a game. I’m Marco Benson, and my best buddy is Robert Polo. Need I say more? Nobody ever tags me as Benson—except the baseball coach. And nobody—but nobody—ever calls him Robert or Rob or Bob or Bobby.
          I believe that if anyone asked my friend if he had a habit, he’d say “Marco.” If asked the same question, I’d come right back with “Polo.” We were not only best buds for life, we were habits. That’s a hard bond to break.
          Somebody nearly did it our senior year. This gal named Sissy Rawls made a serious move on him. Of course, he responded. And it worked out okay for a while because he always got me to double with them with Mary Anne Winchester. We had some fun together, but when I went home after a double, I’d get to reliving things and realize it was Polo who kept the evening going… at least for me.
          Then Sissy started making demands. She wanted him to herself, not as a part of a quartet. So far as I knew Mary Anne was perfectly happy with the way things were. Why did Sissy have to upset the apple cart?
          But upset it, she did. First, she put her foot down about the spring prom. If Mary Anne and I wanted to go, we could do it on our own. Despite my initial disappointment, that didn’t turn out too bad because we hooked up at the dance.
          I felt a little funny when they pulled away in Polo’s old Chevy coupe, but that resolved itself when we ended up parked beside them up on the bluff with half a dozen other cars. They were still there when Mary Anne and I pulled away. I felt a little funny down in my guts as I lay in bed that night wondering if Polo was still up on the bluff with Sissy. Why did I care? I don’t know, but I did.
          The next morning, Polo said Sissy had a conniption fit when we parked beside them last night. My mother’s always having a “conniption” fit, but I couldn’t tell the difference between that and a regular fit. But that’s what my dad always said… and so did Polo. So… conniption fit, it was.
           The school year rocked on, and I mean “rocked” as in a rocking chair. Several times I found myself at functions without my buddy and felt at sea. Occasionally, he made comments that led me to believe he was feeling the same.
          One day at the beginning of November, we found ourselves sitting together in the gym after a workout with nobody else around. Comfort and companionship almost overwhelmed me in the first five minutes as we chattered like old times. Then we fell silent. That was comfortable, too. Used to happen all the time. Finally, Polo sat up straight on the bleacher seat beside me.
          “You know what?”
          “I’m tired of it all.”
          “Tired of what?”
          “Sissy and dates and walking the straight and narrow.”
          “Me, too.”
          He looked straight into my eyes. “Marco, I’m not up for the winter prom.”
          “No. I’m up for you.”

Sounds as if a new experience is about to enter Marco's and Polo’s lives. What happens next? I’ll leave that to your imagination… or perhaps remembrance of something similar in your own background.

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