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Distant Harbor – Part 2 of 2 Parts

Well, last week we learned who and what Dustin Harbor was. Let’s see what happens next, shall we?
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          A week later, Dusty sat in Barney’s, eyeing the crowd. It wasn’t promising. He was Distant Harbor to so many of these guys, it was hard finding willing participants for his game. Four of the guys in the room had fallen for his act twice, and one three times. Most of the rest wised up after the first time. He needed to change the scenery. Too bad. He liked Barney’s.
          He finished his mug of draft beer and was preparing to leave when the door opened, and a dream walked inside. Dusty stared at a six-foot dude with the widest shoulders he’d ever seen. From there, the guy tapered down to a waist no bigger than Dusty’s. A fancy blue undershirt without neck or sleeves clung to a massive chest and revealed a clear six-pack. Hip huggers clung to perfect hips.
          When Dusty got around to examining the stranger’s dark features, the attractive, slightly asymmetric face drew a grunt from him. Dark skin, dark eyes, sexy as hell. Here was somebody new for the game. But it would be hard to walk away from this one.
          The man made his way to a table of four in the corner. Encouraging. No women. So this wasn’t a date. Now to find a way to attract the newcomer’s attention. Two of the guys at the table were victims of Dusty’s game, but that didn’t matter. Even when warned, each new fish figured he was the one to evade the hook. Dusty sat at his solitary table and stared unabashedly. He saw the stranger’s eyes scan the room, pause a moment as he caught Dusty’s stare, and then move on. Responding to something said at his table, the man threw back his head and laughed, revealing a set of white teeth and a fetching dimple in his cheek.
          After a few minutes of nursing his mug of beer, Dusty knew the man was well aware of him and his interest. The next time he felt the man’s eyes on him, he stood and headed for the men’s room. For a minute, he thought he was wrong, but then the handsome man walked in and took the urinal next to Dusty’s.
          Dusty made his move. “You new in town?”
          “Couple of weeks. Up from Austin.”
          “A Texan, huh? What brings you up here?”
          “A job. What else?”
          “What do you do?” Dusty asked, his throat suddenly dry.
          “That’s how… how you get that ripped bod, huh? Hauling around lumber.”
          “That… and I box some. Workout on the bags mostly. I’m Levi, by the way.”
          Dusty reached over the privacy panel and accepted the other’s firm grip. “Dusty.”
          After a moment, Levi released his hand. “Not much action around here. Is there a better place than this one?”
          With some difficulty, Dusty stuffed himself back in his pants and stepped to the sinks. “Depends on what you want. There’s some sports bars, a gay place—”
          “Nothing like that. Just want a quiet place with some good company. I gotta get acquainted in this town, you know.”
          “Well, there’s my place. Cold Coors, and some say I’m good company.”
          “Sold. Let’s take your car.” Levi flashed his dimple. “You know the way, I don’t.”
          As easy as that, it was done. Dusty preferred other people’s places because it made the walkout easier… if that’s what he decided to do. With this one, he wasn’t sure. But even if that’s the way it turned out, he’d blown off guys at his own place before. Easiest way was to pick up a book and start reading. That sent a message fast.
          Ten minutes later, Levi stood in the middle of Dusty’s living room and nodded. “Nice. I like that lemony smell. Air Wick?”
          “Glade. Glad you like it. Is Coors okay?”
          “Lite if you have it.”
          They spent an hour sipping beer and getting comfortable with one another. Dusty appreciated the relaxed atmosphere, although the more he watched the muscles play in Levi’s arms and shoulders and pecs, the hotter he got. Finally, Dusty brought things to a head.
          “Guy, you’ve got the broadest shoulders I’ve ever seen on a man.”
          Levi smiled and dimpled. “Get them from my granddad. He was built like this.” Levi leaned back on the couch and glanced down his torso. “The rest of it comes from working out on the bags.”
          Dusty swallowed hard. “Not all of it,” he said, his eyes riveted on Levi’s crotch.
          Levi touched himself. “No, guess it doesn’t. That’s my granddad again. He was hung.”
          “How—” Dusty swallowed hard—“how hung?”
          Levi rose in a graceful, fluid movement and stood before Dusty. “About like me.”
          Dusty did what twenty-five or so other guys had done to him. He put his arms around Levi’s trim butt and pressed his face to the man’s groin, inhaling the heady masculine musk of the sexy guy.
          “Here or the bedroom?” Levi growled.
          No longer interested in any game but one, Dusty rose to look into black, fathomless eyes. He spoke around a lump in his throat. “Bedroom.”
          “Lead the way.”
          In the dozen or so steps it took to reach the bedroom, Dusty kicked off his shoes and slipped out of his shirt. He was stepping out of his camos when he realized Levi wasn’t behind him. He turned to find the man standing at the front door with a sardonic grin on his face.
          “Thanks for the beer, Distant. Mark says to tell you hi.”
          Not quite believing the guy was leaving, Dusty raced—nearly naked—to the open door. All urge to protest died when he spotted Levi standing with half a dozen guys, all of whom knew him as Distant Harbor.

What goes around, comes around, isn’t that the saying? Perhaps it holds truth. Wonder what Dusty’s feelings were as he stood in his open doorway exposed to who and what he was to his victims standing on the sidewals?

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