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Brother-in-Law, Post #54

It looks like I’m stuck on brothers… given the last post and this one, but that’s just the way it is.

This is the first mid-monthly post, a schedule I’ll try to maintain from this point on. As explained last time, I’ll post on the first and the fifteenth of each month.

Hope you enjoy the story.

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          Melanie and I met and married our senior year in college. Upon graduation, we made our home in the New York apartment my folks left me in a respectable high rise. Four years later, I was making good money free-lancing how-to-do-it books, Mel was a nursing supervisor at one of the city’s bigger hospitals, and our great romance sickened into a stale marriage. It went terminal with the visit of Mel’s nineteen-year-old brother Brad this past spring. Handsome and aggressive, the youth was looking for adventure on his first visit to New York. As Mel had night duty, the chore of squiring little brother around fell to me. He wasn’t interested in plays or museums; clubs were Brad’s thing.
          The girls gravitated to him like cold to heat. He drank and danced and flirted but went home with me, complaining that if I’d play along we’d both get laid. It didn’t seem to matter that I’d be cheating on his sister. The second night, we returned home pleasantly looped and somehow ended up in the same bed. When he moved on me, I was surprised but not offended. I’m not too clear on what we did, but it involved making out and mutual orgasms.
           The next night, an unspoken desire to rush home to bed abbreviated our stay at the Bad Actor, a club on Broadway. Not nearly so sloshed, I clearly remember that night and the delicious things we did to one another. I finished the evening wondering why I’d not tried this route before.
          The fourth night, we didn’t bother with clubbing, preferring to crack open a bottle of Scotch at the apartment and get an earlier start on our bedroom gymnastics. Cold sober, I still found Brad the most enchanting creature on earth and allowed him to do thing to me that forty-eight hours ago would have been unthinkable. To my utter delight, he reciprocated.
          We sat naked in the den after our first bout in bed, working on the Scotch and discussing anything and everything. I mentally shook my head. This teenage bon vivant had experienced more of life than I had in all my twenty-seven years. But I was willing to learn, even from someone considerably my junior.
          After gawking at one another’s naked flesh for just so long, we’d adjourn to the bedroom once again where he would teach me more. I honestly don’t believe I’d ever had a more randy night before… including on my honeymoon.
          But randy nights have consequences. I do not recall anything past two o’clock when I passed out while Brad hovered over me performing magnificently for the umpteenth time. But I do recall waking from my debauchery. Mel stood in the doorway, hands on hips, an enraged look on her face, shouting imprecations at both of us. Despite the situation, Brad looked absolutely fetching sitting on the bed naked and tousle-headed as he faced his furious sister.
          Brad was banished. I was declared a corrupter of children. Mel was divorced in short order… and in legal possession of my apartment, I might add. Other than the way it happened, the end of the marriage was no great tragedy.
          What would Brad think if I showed up at his dorm?


What can I say? It’s not often the other woman is the wife’s brother.

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