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Today we go back to our regular monthly schedule with the short story that follows. Let me know if this reminds you of something in your background.
     I couldn’t believe what my unknown caller had just said.
     “You want what?”
     “I want what you’re advertising,” someone said in a pleasant baritone.
     “What advertising?”
     “Basement men’s room in the Student Union Building. Third stall.”
     “You’re crazy,” I muttered before slamming down the receiver.
     Grabbing a windbreaker, I barreled out of my dorm room and tripped down the stairs on my way to the SUB. I had to restrain myself from running, but I didn’t want to excite attention. That shows how much the phone call had shook me. Guys ran on campus all the time.
     As usual on a Saturday morning, the SUB was busy, but I passed no one on the stairway to the basement. As I started down the long hallway, I thought I heard someone coming downstairs, but I didn’t want to look back. I just whipped into the bathroom. Good. It was deserted.
     I entered the third stall and sat down. And there it was. Right at eye level. Right above the glory hole carved into the wall… at a convenient height. The message was written with the letters all run together to form a rough rectangle, but anyone with half a brain could make out the message: Johnny B gives good head with a phone number scribbled inside the rectangle. My phone number.
     Son of a bitch! Had to be Josh, my pissed-off ex-roommate, who wrote this. The knowledge it revealed was something only the two of us shared. Or so I’d thought.

     It had started three months ago when I spotted his erection beneath the sheet he’d used to cover himself. He slept in his shorts, and I’d always found his tapered torso exciting. When he caught me eyeing his condition, I blurted out the first thing that popped into my head.
     “I can take care of that for you, if you want.”
     A crooked—very sexy—smile twisted his lips. “Sure. Have at it.”
     I started out like a friend—you know, with my hand—but before long he somehow had my head in his lap. A week later, the same thing happened. Then it got to be two times a week. Heck, it could be every night so far as I was concerned. I was perfectly happy helping out this handsome, sexy guy… until he blindsided me.
     “I want you to do that for my buddy,” he said as I finished with him one evening.
     “Charlie. He’d like to get a helping of that. All I gotta do is call him, and he’ll be right over.”
     “No way! This is just something we do. Nobody else’s business.”
     Not sure why I reacted that way. Charlie was damned near as good looking as my roommate. But somehow it didn’t seem right.
     Well, that was the end of that. If I wouldn’t accommodate his buddy, I couldn’t have any more of Josh. Things got tense between us until he moved to an apartment off campus.

     The sound of the men’s room door opening brought me out of my reverie. The guy—whoever he was—walked straight into the booth next door and snapped the lock. I heard a swish as his trousers dropped to the floor. A quick peek through the glory hole showed the guy busy massaging himself. Whoever it was had a good bod, but I saw enough to know it wasn’t Josh.
     Crap! I’d been sandbagged. This was probably the guy who called me. He’d set the bait, and I fell for it. Ran right straight to the SUB and into the third stall.
     Without bothering to play hide-and-seek. he walked straight over and thrust himself through the hole between the two stalls. I stared at the thing for a minute.
     Oh, what the hell!
     I grasped him in my fist… and gave him what he wanted.

A little different from the dark four-parter that preceded it, wouldn’t you say? Most of us haven’t met a sex-starved vampire, but lots of us have known or been a Josh in our salad days. Let me know what you think at

Now let me give a plug for a buddy. New Mexico author Don Travis’s The Bisti Business was released by DSP Publications on March 21. It’s a good mystery with a gay protagonist. Give it a read. His contact links are posted below:

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