Monday, August 1, 2016

What You See Ain’t Always What You Get

Another short, short piece this week. Hope you enjoy it.

     When Hollis Littleton saw Rafe Hawkfield give him one more of those surreptitious glances south of the belt, he decided it was time to make a move. His friend of a lifetime had grown up to be good looking but a bit… androgynous. That was the word. Androgynous.
     Hollis decided to have some fun in pursuit of a little action. He spread the knees he’d been propping his elbows on as they sat in the grass at Albuquerque’s Roosevelt Park and glanced down at himself. “What? My fly open or something?”
     Just like Hollis knew he would, Rafe turned pink. The question was ridiculous, of course, because he was wearing pull-up walking shorts without a fly to leave open. “You interested in what I got down there?” he asked.
     Rafe went darker on the color scale. Beet red. Hollis had never seen anyone quite that color before. He kept after him.
     “I’ll bet you think about mine every time you take yours out and play with it.”
     His friend swallowed hard. His hand shook as he rubbed his cheek. “N-no. Everybody says that’s wrong.”
     “Wrong?” Hollis asked, playing with him some. “Your dad caught you jerking off, didn't he?" Now Rafe resembled a ripe tomato. "That's it, isn't it. Probably told you whacking your pole will make you go blind? If that’s true, I oughta be at least wearing glasses by now.”
     Rafe’s color faded a little. He no longer looked like he was about to bust a vein. “No, but you oughta, you know… save your stuff for when you get married.”
     Hollis let out a howl. “Come on, you saying you never jerk off?”
     Rafe went crimson again. “Try not to.”
     He took another look at Rafe and let his eyes wander south. His friend was sitting cross-legged, but Hollis could tell he was swelling up down there from the way he tried to hide things with his hands.
     Hollis arched an eyebrow as he felt himself grow. He smiled when Rafe’s eyes locked on. “Come on, now. You want to. Admit it.”
     Rafe licked his lips. “Y-yeah. I do. Wanted to for a long time.”
     Hollis pressed his fingers against his pant leg, outlining himself. “Here’s your opportunity.”
     Rafe moved his hands and gave Hollis a view. Man, he’d ballooned up something fierce. Hollis found himself taking a little more interest in that direction. He glanced around. No one was nearby. This was a hilly park with plenty of trees and shrubs. They weren’t hidden, but nobody was taking any interest in them.
     “Can’t lop them out here,” Hollis said. “You got any place to go? My mom and sister are home.”
     Eyes still glued to Hollis’s erection, Rafe shook his head. “No.”
     “Isn’t your mom working?”
     Rafe tore his eyes away and met Hollis’s gaze. “I meant, no, I can’t do it.”
     Man, you’re about to rip your trousers over there. Why can’t you?”
     “Just can’t. That’s all.” Rafe straightened his shoulders. “We still playing softball tomorrow?”
     “Well…yeah, sure. But….”
     His voice died away as Rafe stood revealing an unbelievably large lump before stuffing both hands in his pockets. To make things less obvious, probably.
     “Where… where you going?” Hollis asked.
     “Promised my dad I’d mow the lawn. Guess I’ll go do it now. You know, work things off.”
     Too surprised to protest, Hollis leaned back on his hands and watched his friend stride away. Rafe didn’t look so androgynous now. As a matter of fact, he looked like an eighteen-year-old man making his way down the hill and across the green. He paused to kick the ball a couple of times with kids playing soccer in a flat area.
     Hollis suddenly smelled the grass surrounding him and detected a hint of honeysuckle in the air. The sun found its way through the overhead elm and warmed his shoulders. Saliva flooded his mouth as he wondered what Rafe would taste like. Even over the din of the kids playing soccer, he heard the throaty roar of Rafe’s Mustang.
     Just as he had awakened to his environment, Hollis grappled with the sudden confirmation of who he was… and what he wanted.
     And he blinked with the understanding that he was all right with it.

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