Saturday, February 1, 2014

Nation Johnson

Oughta let you know the third book in the Cut Hand series is now available on Kindle. Echoes of the Flute will be out in print form about March 15, according to the publisher, STARbooks Press.

Let’s try some more flash fiction this week. Give me a head’s up on it, will you?
Nation Johnson stood in front of the mirrors in the locker room and dropped his towel. The place was deserted except for Hector Muñiz, who was still in the shower. Nation liked what he saw. Good-looking dude, even if he did say so himself. As he took in his wide shoulders and defined pecs, he began to psych himself. His big cock thickened ever so slightly, bringing a crooked grin to his face.
He knew Hector was there even before the Latino kid walked up beside him and gave him a sideways look. Handsome stud … almost pretty. The white towel snugged around his trim waist contrasted nicely with the jock's brown skin.
“Nation, you’re a weird dude." Hector ran a comb through his damp black hair. “Your name’s even weird. How’d your folks come up with that, anyway?”
“Didn’t. My little brother couldn’t say Nathan, and I’ve been Nation ever since.”
“Like I said … weird. That’s you.”
“Like how?”
“Like you standing around admiring your own body. If that ain’t weird, what is?”
“Hey, I got a good bod. Hot as hell. You know I can get a hard-on just staring at myself?”
“See what I mean.”
“Don’t believe me? I’ll show you.” Nation stared into the mirror. His green eyes moved from his face and slowly went down his body. In a minute, his cock stirred. Then it began to grow. Before long, it throbbed in the air.
“Be damned,” Hector said, giving Nation’s hot tool a sidelong glance.
“You can do it, too.”
The dark youth shook his head. “Can’t.”
“Sure you can. Try. Just look up and down your body. That’s a good chest, man. And those areoles, they’re huge.”
“Shut up.”
“Go on try it. Stare at your eyes first. Right. Now move down to your nipples. Left one first. Now the right. That’s a deep belly button. Fix on it.”
Hector cleared his throat. ‘Man, I—”
“Don’t talk,” Nation interrupted him. “Just stare. Look at that bush. Nice and thick and curly. Now look at—” Nathan laughed in triumph. “See. You’re getting hard. Man, it’s growing fast. Oh, oh, oh! Big. Always knew you had a big one.”
Hector spread his legs and swallowed hard. “Feel like a fool standing here bare-assed and hard. I—”
“You’re right. We can’t waste something that good.”
Abruptly, he knelt in front of Hector and took the bobbing, seven-inch rod into his mouth. The Latin soccer player flinched and started to draw away. Then he sighed and thrust his hips forward. Nation grasped the firm thighs to steady himself as he went to work in earnest.
Within minutes, Hector gave a gasp and busted his balls, pouring semen into Nation’s eager mouth. After a long sigh, Hector took a step backward, stumbled, and ran for the lockers without uttering a word.
Nation stood and smiled. Worked like a charm. Again. Next week he was going to try it on Nigel Bright. Nigel was the real dreamboat of the team. That decision made, he took himself in hand and went to work masturbating himself. 
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